Prince William thinks it’s super-funny to joke about the Coronavirus

Yesterday, I linked to this Pajiba story about the Coronavirus and how Donald Trump is too stupid to do anything to protect people, and how he doesn’t even understand how vaccines work, nor does he understand the fact that there aren’t enough corona tests or substantive information. The point that Dustin made was that it’s more than likely that the coronavirus is already everywhere, but people don’t know they have it because Trump slashed CDC funding to build his fakakta wall. I bring all of this up because people are really and truly freaking out about the virus, the stock market is tanking and appointing Mother’s Husband as Corona Czar hasn’t helped. The death toll is in the thousands worldwide. Quarantines are happening. People are just scared. But Prince William thinks it’s all one big joke.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are taking advice on the Coronavirus threat, but will continue meeting people as usual, it emerged last night. William talked about the infection as he chatted to emergency workers at a reception hosted by Britain’s Ambassador to Ireland Robin Barnett in the 17th floor Gravity Bar at Dublin’s Guinness Storehouse.

He asked Joe Mooney, an advance paramedic with the National Ambulance Service: “I bet everyone’s like ‘I’ve got Coronavirus, I’m dying’, and you’re like ‘no, you’ve just got a cough’. Does it seem quite dramatic about Coronavirus at the moment? Is it being a little bit hyped up do you think in the media?” he asked.

“By the way, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are spreading Coronavirus!’” he grimaced in mock horror. “Sorry! We’re keeping an eye on that, so do tell us if we need to stop!”

The couple shook hands with dozens of people on the first day of their tour and are expected to continue to do so, based on advice they are being given. A royal source said last night the couple were following guidance from Public Health England and the Department of Health and that meant “business as usual” for now. “This is a discussion we have been having and everything we are doing should continue as usual,” said the source.

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I have no idea what it’s like in Ireland, honestly, but the medical professionals here in America are pretty f–king freaked out about what’s going to happen in medical centers and hospitals once the virus really starts spreading, especially in urban areas (like New York, Chicago, or, you know, Dublin). I find it curious that we know about William’s “jokes” about the deadly virus, but we don’t know Joe Mooney’s reaction. Was it horror? I would be a tad horrified that Future King William thinks such a deadly international crisis is something to joke about.

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