Pregnant Cara De La Hoyde hits back after being branded ‘irresponsible’ for going to Disney amid coronavirus

Pregnant Cara De La Hoyde has revealed that she will be staying in Florida amid the growing concern surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

While many are self-isolating in their homes, the former Love Island star, 29, who is expecting her second child with husband Nathan Massey, has made the decision to stay Stateside after their flight back to the UK was cancelled.

The couple are currently in Orlando with their two-year-old son Freddie-George after enjoying a trip to Disney.

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Taking to Instagram Cara hit back when one fan suggested it was “irresponsible” for her to go away while pregnant during the pandemic.

“It’s a d**k response that people thought this was no big deal and went on vacation. People canceled funerals and weddings and they were like f**k it were going to Disney that’s irresponsible. That’s why people are dying. I’m allowed to be upset [sic],” they wrote.

Cara then hit back, writing: “Everyone’s entitled to their opinion I just happen to not agree with yours and im allowed that opinion also. And I feel a lot safer here than in England so I won’t be rushing home,” alongside a thumbs-up emoji.

She then stated that not everyone has disagreed with her decision to go abroad, writing: “The amount of messages I have from people saying how nice it is to see anything other than the madness of the world right now makes me happy with my decision. Stay safe.”

Cara announced her pregnancy earlier this month , just eight months after her wedding to Nathan.

Opening up to new! magazine, Nathan said of finding out the sex: “We’re not going to say how we’re doing it, but it’s going to be mind blowing. We want to find out the sex because you can paint their room and buy their clothes.

Cara added: "I’m just too impatient. If we had a boy and a girl and went for a third, we’d be like, “Let’s have a surprise.” But we really want a girl."

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Nathan continued: “As long as he or she’s healthy, but we’d like a boy and a girl – and then I’d tie my testicles in a knot!"

Cara then jokingly added: "You chat rubbish, because I said to you about having a vasectomy, so don’t give it the big’un, because you wouldn’t."

The married couple are open to having a third child if they welcome a second boy, with Nathan saying on the topic: “This is an ongoing debate!

Cara added: "I’m like, maybe when they’re both at school, then I’d go again. But then what if it’s another boy? I’m getting my head around it being a boy a bit more. They’re going to be two years apart, so they’ll probably beat each other up when they’re little. But when they’re older they’d have similar interests. And boys love their mums."

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