Pete Buttigieg Looks Forward to Relaxing and Guest Hosting 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Pete Buttigieg still has big plans for his political future, but for now, he’s down to chill out and catch up on sleep … until he tries his hand as a late-night TV talk show host.

The ex-presidential candidate says his campaign was just the beginning for him, and even though he dropped out of the race he’s still hoping to make himself useful down the line … which we already know means backing Joe Biden to take on Donald Trump.

For now, though, Pete says he’s enjoying the slower pace of life off the campaign trail and will be doing some R, R & R … resting, recuperating and reflecting.

Buttigieg obviously can’t relax for too long — he’s set to guest host Thursday on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and says he’d also love to pop in on “Saturday Night Live.”

If he does, he can check out Elizabeth Warren‘s surprise appearance for some pointers.

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