Paris Fury says family can’t have days out as Tyson gets stopped by fans too much

Paris Fury has opened up about her family life with famous husband Tyson Fury.

The boxer, who is known as 'The Gypsy King' after his traveller roots, is one of the most successful boxers in the world, which means he's instantly recognisable everywhere.

While Tyson's success has brought the family many positives over the years, Paris tells OK! that her husband's fame can make normal family days out like a trip to a theme park quite difficult.

Speaking to OK! ahead of the release of her memoir, the mum-of-six explained that Tyson gets stopped by fans so much that it's hard to go out in public.

She explains: "The kids love to go to theme parks but when there are so many people they come over and it stops the day, so we can’t do that as much any more."

Instead, the 31-year-old says the family tend to opt for quieter or more remote options when picking a day out with their children.

She says: "It usually consists of going somewhere where there’s not lots of people, going for a walk or a bit of an adventure. A day at the park – get some food, have some ice cream. We love going up to Windermere and walk around the lake."

Paris explains that the couple have decided to live in "normal town" Morecambe, as they're not treated any differently by locals.

Paris adds: "Tyson’s from Manchester and I’m from Yorkshire. We moved up here just so Tyson could train with his uncle, so we didn’t know anyone when we moved but we’ve been here 13 years now."

The mum of six – who gave birth to baby Athena earlier this year – explains that despite her husband's fame and money, they'd rather live in a "normal town."

She adds: "It’s just a normal town – it hasn’t got that fast paced living. Everybody knows everybody here and we like that."

Paris reveals the couple have been asked to move before.

She says: "We’ve been asked to move to places like London and Manchester where you can do more media, but that doesn’t mean anything to us."

She adds: "We’ve never tried to be famous! I’ve done a few interviews and I did Loose Women, but I did that because I enjoyed it."

The mum says she's "happy" to stay living somewhere quiet.

Paris adds: "We’re quite happy to stay here out the way. Everyone knows us here, we can walk down the street and just be Tyson and Paris. It’s good for the kids as well."

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