Nicole Scherzinger shows off youthful looks with fuller lips and taut face

Nicole Scherzinger surprised fans with her youthful looks after performing with the Pussycat Dolls on Friday.

The 41 year old singer appeared to have fuller lips and a more taut face as she performed live on Channel Seven’s breakfast show, Sunrise.

Nicole, who is in Australia with the girl group, had no wrinkles or frown lines visible as she defied the ageing process.

Her super smooth complexion was matched with a matte foundation, bronzer and highlighter on her defined cheeks.

The stunning star wore her long dark locks down as they cascaded over her shoulders, and emphasised her lips with a dash of nude lipstick.

Despite her beautiful appearance looking many years younger than her age, Nicole has always denied ever going under the knife.

The former X Factor judge said: “I haven't [thought about getting Botox]. For me it's more about taking care of yourself from the inside out. I think health is really important.

“'It's about drinking a lot of water and getting a lot of sleep. It's crazy what hot yoga or going on an amazing run will do,' she said.”

She continued telling The Sun back in 2016: “Anybody can get that stuff done, but for me how I feel inside is a true reflection.”

Another factor that may be helping Nicole keep her young looks is her healthy lifestyle and fitness regime.

Nicole and her rugby player boyfriend, Thom Evans, 34, recently showed off their impressive physiques as they posed in the gym for the snap which Nicole then shared on her Instagram page.

The photo shows Nicole’s new beau flexing one arm to show off his bulging bicep while standing in nothing but a pair of black shorts, socks and trainers while he has his other arm around Nicole who is leaning against him with one hand on her hip while wearing a pair of neon pink leggings and a matching sports bra to show off her ripped stomach.

Writing in the caption, Nicole shared a lust for a healthy lifestyle as she said: “The only bad workout is the one you don’t do. New decade, new week, new mindset, endless possibilities!”

The singer also shared a hilarious video of her and Thom showing off their dance moves while in the gym on her Instagram story.

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