Nicki Minaj’s Rapist Husband Arrested For Being a Rapist

If you’ve somehow avoided the news up until now, please know that it brings us no pleasure to inform you that Nicki Minaj married a rapist and murderer.

Now, this is the internet in 2020, an environment in which people are prone to wild exaggerations and overstatements — so let us assure you that’s not what’s going on here.

Kenneth Petty is a convicted murder and sex offender, whom Nicki married in October — much to the chagrin of fans.

Now, there are many, many downsides to marrying someone who’s been to prison for the most repugnant of violent crimes.

In fact, from our perspective, it seems to be nothing but downsides.

However, it seems Nicki failed to consider that in addition to the fact that she just signed on to spend the rest of her life living with a rapist and murderer, Petty’s past is likely to turn her life into one long legal nightmare.

Take, for example, the incident that occurred just back in November, in which Petty was reportedly arrested for failing to register as a sex offender.

According to a new report from Us Weekly, Petty was taken into custody just three weeks after he and Nicki exchanged vows.

Court documents indicate that he was booked for “knowingly” failing to register as a sex offender after moving to California with Minaj.

Not surprisingly, Petty had no trouble posting $20,000 bond, and he was released the same day.

News of Petty’s arrest comes just weeks after Nicki’s brother was convicted of raping his 11-year-old stepdaughter.

Obviously, Nicki is not responsible for her brother’s crimes, but it’s worth noting that she paid for his legal defense and continues to defend him, even though he admitted his guilt at his sentencing hearing.

Clearly, Nicki has no qualms about surrounding herself with the most toxic men imaginable.

But she might be surprised when her fans begin to take issue with her appalling choices.

Nicki is at a point in her career where she’s likely come to believe that her popularity is bulletproof.

However, in an age in which people are canceled for tweeting bad jokes, it seems highly probable that her decision to associate herself with rapists and murderers will eventually have an impact on her ability to sell music.

Or not.

Say what you will about the age we live in — it’s nothing if not unpredictable!

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