Nancy Grace Comments on Gabby Petito’s Case and Brian Laundrie’s Family’s Legal Culpability

According to the legal commentator, Brian’s parents blow up ‘what the cops in North Port, in Sarasota County, the sheriffs that the FBI had been trying to track down’ by changing the timeline.

AceShowbizNancy Grace has weighed in on Gabby Petito (Gabrielle Petito)’s murder case as well as her fiance Brian Laundrie’s wherebouts. In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, the legal commentator talked about the Laundrie family’s legal culpability in the case as they’re accused of hiding Brian.

“Many people are pointing the finger at Brian Laundrie’s parents just like Gabby’s family is,” Nancy shared. Referring to Brian returning to Florida alone in Gabby’s van and allegedly used her debit card, the host of FOX’s “America’s Most Wanted Overtime” said, “He gets all the way home to Mommy and Daddy in Gabby’s van.

Criticizing the Laundries, Nancy went on to say, “And despite Gabby’s parents calling and calling, texting, emailing, they won’t take the calls. They won’t tell Gabby’s family she’s not there and that she’s missing. This goes on for days and days. And in the last hours, we learn that they have completely blown up the FBI timeline.”

“After they are confronted by the FBI, they admit that Brian Laundrie actually left one day earlier for the Carlton Reserve,” she continued, referencing to Brian’s family telling FBI that Brian, who is named a person of interest in Gabby’s murder, has been missing since September 14. “That gives him another day’s head start. He has now ghosted us for 23 days and counting.”

When asked if Brian’s parents can be charged with a crime, the journalist explained, “Here’s the deal, under our jurisprudence you don’t have to be a hero, you don’t have to go to cops and tell them what you saw or tell them what you know. You don’t have to save someone from a crime, you don’t have to do anything. You’re not compelled to tell the truth to police.”

“However, if you do speak to police, and they have, if you lie, that is a crime,” she added. “Now, interesting under Florida law, family members, when it comes to for instance a third degree felony or lower, are somewhat exempt from accomplice after the fact. You can give food, money, sustenance, blankets to your son or daughter. But what you can’t do is lie to law enforcement or help in a crime. So if they have remained silent and not misled law enforcement, they may escape criminal liability.”

Nancy also doubted the credibility of Brian’s parents’ claims in which they alleged that they could not exactly remember the last time they saw Brian. “I find that very hard to believe because I can remember precisely the last time I saw my son or daughter,” she said. “And when you’re telling the cops you think your son has gone out into the wilderness and is going to commit suicide? You’d think the parents would remember the last time they talked to him!”

According to Nancy, Brian’s parents blew up “what the cops in North Port, in Sarasota County, the sheriffs that the FBI had been trying to track down” by changing the timeline. “Video surveillance, the toll booths on ring cameras, on credit card receipts, tracking for a particular day, that’s all down the tubes,” she noted. “They have to restart with a new timeline. That’s a big deal. Many people have asked me what should Laundrie’s parents be doing right now. I think Laundrie’s parents need to be telling the truth.”

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