‘My body is broken’ Emmerdale’s Kevin Mathurin sparks concern from co-star amid set update

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Emmerdale fans will know Kevin Mathurin best for his portrayal of vicar Charles Anderson in the popular soap. However, the star has now sparked some concerns as he shared how filming has left his body feeling “broken”.

The vicar is expected to feature in a dramatic stunt in the upcoming episodes.

Kevin teased this when he took to Twitter recently to share an update with fans.

Posting in view of his 980 followers yesterday, he said: “My body is broken.

“Work has been very demanding lately.

“But I can only keep doing my best and rest when I can.”

The soap star went on to add: “I miss my family, my home and my routine.

“But I promise you what’s coming up will be worth the little sacrifices.

“Everyone’s commitment has been amazing!”

According to reports and on-set pictures, it is thought the stunt will involve water.

It’s expected to air during the show’s big October week of episodes.

However, very few details have been released about who it will involve and what will happen.

Following Kevin’s insight, many of his followers send him well wishes.

Co-star Karen Blick, who plays Lisa Dingle in the show, penned: “Take care lovely xx.”

One fan wrote: “Can’t wait to see what’s coming up but please return to look after yourself first.”

Another penned: “Sounds ace. You’ve been great addition to the already excellent cast, but look after yourself.

“Folk don’t realise the toll this sort of work can take, and commitment. It is appreciated x.”

“Look after yourself, mate,” wrote a third in response.

A fourth added: “Seen pics of filming the stunt. Looks awesome.

“Emmerdale always do the best stunt weeks. I’m very worried for Ethan.

“He best not be in the water. You two have been amazing since you arrived.

“Hope your body gets some rest.”

Another then replied: “It is appreciated! Can’t wait for what’s to come.”

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV.

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