Miley Cyrus Kicked Off 2022 by *Expertly* Handling a Wardrobe Malfunction on Live TV

There is hope for 2022, ya’ll. We’re basing that optimism on Miley Cyrus’ instantly-iconic New Year’s Eve performance and her A+ response to the wardrobe malfunction that happened during the live broadcast. Details right this way.

So, here’s what happened: As Miley began belting out “Party in the USA” during herMiley’s New Year’s Eve Party special, her top decided to call it a night early and stop doing its primary job (i.e. covering up her body while she entertained millions on live TV). It was clear in the opening moments of the song that Miley was aware that her wardrobe was malfunctioning, and she briefly exited the stage to take care of things before returning in a red jacket:

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