Meghan McCain was so deeply toxic, all of her coworkers wanted her fired

I always hated covering Meghan McCain whenever she did or said something awful on The View. But now that she “resigned,” I can’t get enough of these stories about how everyone hated Meghan. As with everything pertaining to The View, the behind-the-scenes gossip is a million times more interesting than whatever happens on-screen. Apparently, Meghan McCain was a toxic a–hole to everyone but she always had the support of the old guard at ABC News. Then in May, Kim Godwin came in as the new president of ABC News and The View’s ladies had a big meeting with the new management and they were like “fire this toxic POS.”

It’s the worst-kept secret that Meghan McCain was not a favorite among the ladies at “The View.” But sources tell Page Six that she became so insufferable that even “chill” Whoopi Goldberg could no longer take her.

“Everyone was at their wits’ end — even Whoopi, and she’s the chillest of them all. Whoopi is never going to advocate for anyone to get fired. She’s not about that, but she was very clear that she no longer wanted to work with Meghan,” a source told Page Six.

The source quipped that part-time conservative co-host Ana Navarro “probably drank so many g-ddamn margaritas” to celebrate McCain’s announcement last week that she’s leaving the show at the end of the month. Sources told Page Six that Goldberg, Navarro and Joy Behar all expressed that they no longer wanted to work with McCain. One source said, “It happened as soon as [new ABC News president] Kim [Godwin] came in. It was right after Joy and Meghan’s huge [on-air] blow-up [in May] where the network called an emergency meeting. They told new management, ‘We don’t want to work with her anymore.’”

The source added, “Whoopi was clear that she didn’t want to work with her either. There have been so many well-documented issues, and [Meghan] has not made a good impression on new management,” the source said. Another insider added, “[The hosts] all came with complaints to Kim about Meghan.”

Multiple sources and insiders told us the old regime at ABC always had McCain’s back. In fact, when McCain and Sunny Hostin weren’t getting along, sources told us former brass relayed to Hostin, “‘Get along with Meghan or get out.’ Meghan hated Sunny and didn’t trust her. She thought she was leaking stories about her and it was a bad situation. [ABC brass] essentially told Sunny, ‘Don’t make us have to choose between you and Meghan because we’re not going to choose you.’ And they’ve had a faux friendship ever since,” the first source said.

A third source acknowledged the duo’s rough patch, but said they eventually developed a genuine friendship and admiration for each other. “They were in a bad place at one time. They speak every day now and have been there for each other,” they said.

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Sources also told Page Six that McCain was ready to move on but “they got what they wanted. Meghan has been wanting to leave for a long time. She is sick of fighting this fight.” Yeah, no. Meghan McCain isn’t the type to be “sick of fighting this fight.” She’s a deplorable, toxic a–hole who loves to create conflict and drama. That’s her personality. Which is one of the reasons why I’ve always hated the way The View is operated. You can have genuine, good-faith conflicts with coworkers on air about a news story or an interview, and you can have legitimate differences of opinion with your friends. And instead of representing that, the View’s producers have always gleefully sought the lowest common denominator, especially when they allowed a toxic personality like McCain to run roughshod over the show.

Let’s all give a moment of silence to the worst hair on television.

— Jack Cocchiarella (@JDCocchiarella) July 1, 2021

Screencaps courtesy of The View.

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