Meghan Markle’s first boyfriend defends his ‘brave and awesome’ ex for speaking out about royal racism

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Meghan Markle's first boyfriend has said she is "brave and awesome" for speaking out about racism issues in the Royal Family.

Joshua Silverstein dated Meghan when they were 13 and although they broke up before starting high school, he has stayed in touch with her mum Doria Ragland.

On Tuesday morning, Joshua appeared on Lorraine to say how proud he was of his first love for using her platform to raise awareness about racism and try to make changes.

Talking about her recent tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey, he said: "It seems like she’s handling it well. On Oprah she was very honest and transparent about her experiences with the Royal Family.

"There’s a history of racism with the Royal Family that goes right back to the transatlantic slave trade, so the fact that Meghan went on TV to bravely talk about that is awesome."

Joshua continued: "Whenever people of colour speak out about oppression and racism, generally there’s a huge backlash.

"The fact that she spoke about that even knowing it could create a lot of tension between her and her family I thought was really amazing and courageous on her part.

"Change can not take place unless people are willing to have a conversation. The more people can be honest about their role in oppression and can be honest about privilege and all the darkness in the past, we can move forward."

Joshua also spoke about Meghan always having had a clear idea of where she wanted to go in life and said he had admired her for making the first move on him when they met as teens.

He said: "She approached me so that in itself was very attractive that a young person would have the confidence and gumption to walk up to me and tell me that she thought I was attractive."

Wishing his ex well, he added: "I hope she’s happy, love is love no matter what the relationship looks like or the background is. As long as it’s authentic, I’m happy for her."

But although Joshua is now married himself with three children, he said that there was no jealousy on his wife Cynthia's part – and that she couldn't be more excited at her royal connection.

He said: "My wife has been really obsessed with the Royal Family history and now I know someone who is part of that narrative she’s very excited."

Joshua laughed off Lorraine's suggestion that he was Meghan's "one that got away", saying: "Her and Harry make an amazing couple, I definitely could not have found anyone more amazing than my wife Cynthia, she’s the perfect partner for me and without her I wouldn’t have my three children.

"I’m sure that Meghan is very much happily married with Harry."

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