Meghan Markle reveals secret code she has with mum Doria in rare private conversation

Meghan Markle has opened up on a secret code from her childhood that she has with her mum.

The Duchess of Sussex, 41, gave a rare look into her relationship with her mum Doria Ragland in the latest episode of her podcast Archetypes.

The episode, which is called 'Good Wife/Bad Wife, Good Mom/Bad Mom', saw Meghan speak with First Lady of Canada Sophie Trudeau about the challenges of parenting and being a partner to famous men.

However, Meghan’s own mother made a surprise appearance when she FaceTimed her daughter during the recording, sharing with listeners what she describes as the "run-of-the-mill mother-daughter conversation".

During the chat, the Duchess answers her phone saying "hey mummy", to which Doria lovingly replies: "Hey, how's my girl?"

Meghan says: "I'm okay, I'm hanging in there, it's okay. I'm recording right now. Do you want to see? We're just doing some podcasting. Can I call you back in a little bit?"

Her mum then tells Meghan that she has "on a smiley face".

Meghan replies: "I have on a smiley face? I love you."

Then, a clicking noise can be heard, before Doria says: "I love you too, I'll see you on Saturday."

Meghan then explains the clicking noise, saying it’s a secret code from her childhood.

She says: "My mum, she did this thing I do, you may have heard this clicking sound that she was doing.

"All right gang, my mum literally just pulled out a reference of what I came up with as a cool handshake to do with her when I was about eight – which was snap, scissors, cut, chicken…"

"I'm 41 years old,” she added, while laughing. "It just put me right back into the past thinking about my childhood and our little quirks together."

Elsewhere in the conversation, Meghan opened up on told how she studied for the UK's citizenship test after meeting Prince Harry – and it was "so hard" he did not know some of the answers himself.

During the podcast, she was speaking to comedian Pamela Adlon – the voice of Bobby Hill in comedy series King of the Hill – who became a British citizen in 2020.

In the podcast, Pamela said to Meghan: "Oh that's another thing we have in common, the English people thing, I'm English.

Meghan replied: "Yes, I heard you just got your citizenship, was it last year, a couple of years ago?

Pamela said: "I did a couple of years ago."

Then Meghan revealed: "That citizenship exam is so hard. I was studying for it and I remember going 'oh my goodness'.

"I would ask my husband. 'Did you know this? Did you know this?' And he would be like 'I had no idea'.

Pamela teased: "I think they made it harder for you."

To which Meghan said: "You think?"

And Pamela joked: "Yeah, they were like, we're gonna really throw up walls on this one."

Meghan, LA born and based, is not believed to be a British citizen, having reportedly 'abandoned' the idea after she and Harry stepped back from senior royal life in 2020. Experts said that she did not live in the UK for the required three years.


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