Luisa Zissman insists she’s not racist after being ‘really f**king angry at the Chinese for coronavirus’

Luisa Zissman is angry at China for spreading the coronavirus currently sweeping the globe.

The former The Apprentice star took to her Instagram Stories to talk to her 553,000 followers about the state of the world and the role China played in the pandemic, which has killed over 10,000 people globally so far.

Obviously infuriated by the situation, the 32 year old, who recently unveiled her incredible walk-in wardrobe, said: "I'm really f**king angry at the Chinese. I've been reading online, everything f**king generates from them and their filthy wet markets with their inhumane animal practices. What the f**k they do there is frankly disgusting."

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Over the video, she wrote: "I've been reading so much online this morning. It's shocking. This is not a racist viewpoint I don't have a problem with Chinese people at all obvs. [sic]

"But these wet markets are horrific and the cause of multiple global pandemics."

Continuing her rant, she said: "SARS, MERS, corona all have originated in China. They said they're cracking down on their disgraceful, illegal wildlife trade."

The mum-of-two, who recently launched a clothing collection with Style Cheat, went on to say she feels the Chinese government should pay for the affect the virus has had on people around the world.

She said: "I think the immediate issue is keeping people alive and safe and well, but after all this is over I just feel like the Chinese government should be made to pay.

"They are f**king loaded that country anyway, so why are they not bailing out Italy?

"People who have been made to take eight weeks unpaid leave from work, how are they meant to pay their bills and their mortgages?'

"The Chinese government in that country should be made to pay for it, I think because it's there f*****g fault that this happened.

"Like literally it's their fault. They knew what happened before, they know how easily the coronavirus can jump from animals to humans, it originates in bats."

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Over this, she wrote: "Can a country sue another country?"

She ended her lengthy speech by saying that she's aware this may not be a "popular viewpoint" but she doesn't care.

"I've read so much online about the origin of SARS, MERS and now covid-19 all from bats, all being transferred to humans in wet markets," she said, before adding: "Why has this happened multiple times?! it's a disgrace."

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