Lorraine Kelly speaks out after leaving fans baffled by her outfit for cold water swimming

The Cube: Lorraine Kelly admits she struggles with left and right

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The star said she was unable to go in wearing only a swimsuit as fans were left surprised to see the ITV presenter fully clothed. This comes after she promoted the benefits of cold water bathing on her self-titled programme today.

Fans of the TV presenter took to Twitter to express their thoughts about her outfit choice.

@Thornton2916 said: “Bigging herself up about going cold water swimming, then she gets in wearing a wetsuit! Ok Lorraine.”

@SarahJa64461886 commented: “How funny that Lorraine was all suited up while the ladies wore swimming costumes.”

The host then replied saying that the reason she did so was due to health and safety concerns.

Lorraine wrote: “I know! But because it was so cold and I hadn’t done it for AGES – Health and Safety made me!!!!”(sic)

Other fans also went on to Twitter to express their opinions.

@Lily_Bettisone3 wrote: “So she’s wearing a wetsuit which will stop her getting wet.”

@Andy_Rainer joked: “You never been to the swimming baths before Lorraine.”

Lorraine interviewed many of the women while down at the cold water baths and some of them opened up about how cold water swimming had improved their lives and it was something that took getting used to.

They nevertheless advised viewers to start in the summer so it gives their bodies time to adjust.

Later in the show, the presenter interviewed Jay Blades in regards to his new programme, Learning to Read at 51, which aired on BBC One last night.

Jay explained that growing up, he was often told by his teachers that he would never amount to much due to the fact he couldn’t read well.

Lorraine asked Jay how he felt having to suffer through the “heartbreaking” journey of being unable to read.

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He explained that a first, he didn’t take it too much to heart.

He said: “It was one of those things, when it happened to me, it didn’t really register.

“So, everybody’s queuing up for the careers day and you find out what you want to be and he says ‘you’ve got to take this exam’ and this and that.

“When it was my turn to come to the actual careers teacher, he just turned round to me and said, ‘Blades, you’re going to amount to nothing, next.’”

Lorraine gushed: “Look at you now, on one of the best shows on telly, you know how much I love the Repair Shop.”

 Jay Blades: Learning to Read at 51, will document how Jay’s main motivation in learning to read was so that he could read to his 15-year-old daughter.

He compared the process of learning to read at such a late age to “having a book of ants”.

The presenter added: “So the letters are all ants, and they just keep on moving around. So you try and hold them down.”

Lorraine airs weekdays on ITV at 9am

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