Lisa Snowdon discusses her health as she warns off wellness fads

Celebrity MasterChef 2022: Lisa Snowdon crowned as the winner

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Lisa Snowdon, 50, is a self-proclaimed advocate for self-love, self-care, fashion and female empowerment, who helps thousands of fans through her platform. The Celebrity MasterChef 2022 winner has now spoken to about how new year’s resolutions push people to pursue “unachievable” goals through “wellness fads”.

Lisa explained: “I want to speak out about wellness fads because, in most cases, they are adopted as part of a January ‘new year, new me’ resolution.

“Most people set these extreme resolutions, which have good intentions, but are more often than not unachievable and therefore nobody can stick to them.”

In a bid to help people understand the inefficacy of some wellness fads, Lisa has partnered with gut health supplement Symprove to design three spoof health fads – The Bowel Counsellor, The Anal Crystal and ‘Bougie Poo-fumée’ candles.

The fake methods aim to highlight just how ludicrous some “wellness fads” can be and why it is important to look after your gut and keep a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Lisa elaborated: “This is why I wanted to work with Symprove again as they have such a great way of talking openly about our tummies, guts and bowel movements.

“In our partnership, we wanted to spoof some of the funny and more extreme wellness fads that are out there to show that you don’t have to go to extreme lengths to look after your gut.”

The former Strictly Come Dancing star went on: “Although I personally love crystals, candles and counselling – it’s obvious that counselling for your bowel doesn’t exist, poo candles are simply just hilarious and putting crystals in any body orifice is definitely not recommended.

“Symprove and I created these health fads to prove that nobody needs to go that far.

“Instead, I believe that making smaller, more realistic changes to your daily routine, can have a bigger impact on your general wellbeing.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Lisa opened up about her own gut health and how exercise helped her mental health and physical wellbeing during the menopause.

She explained how changing cortisol levels can contribute to experiencing negative effects on the body and mind during this period.

Lisa said: “Exercise has a huge positive impact on my mental health and physical wellbeing.

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“I gained some weight during the perimenopause stage and the sleep deprivation didn’t help that at all.

“Your cortisol levels can often spike because you’re so anxious, which can lead to not sleeping, night sweats and hot flushes.

“It’s a really hard time to work through and understand, so exercise really helps, as well as being in control of my food.”`

Lisa supports other women through her Self-care Sunday series on Instagram, which in turn led to her Get Lifted podcast.

The former Capital Breakfast presenter also created the Menopause Madness series with Dr Naomi Potter on both Instagram Live and YouTube.

When asked about any previous health ailments, Lisa explained: “I’ve had a few issues. A few things that have come up.

“I have had a few surgeries. I had a hernia removed when I was seven, my tonsils removed when I was 17, my appendix removed when I was 28. And then I was fine for a good stretch of time.

“Then I got admitted to hospital for meningitis and glandular fever. So I was a bit poorly, then and it had a bit of a knock-on effect with my energy levels and my brain concentration.”

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