Kim Kardashian Gets Candid on Her Anti-Aging Procedures After Denying Botox

Months after launching her beauty products SKKN, the makeup mogul shares with her fans a look into her skincare treatments for erasing wrinkles and age spots.

AceShowbizKim Kardashian has gone candid about her anti-aging procedures. Having repeatedly denied accusations of her using Botox to keep her youthful looks, the former “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star shared with her fans details of her skincare treatments in erasing wrinkles and aging spots.

On Thursday, July 28, the 41-year-old star made use of her Instagram Story to unleash short clips displaying her treatments with Dr. Ashkan Ghavami. “So Kim’s here to continue her skin journey,” the cosmetic specialist began sharing. “As we get a little bit older, we get in some sun, our skin develops different pigmentations, so you get all sorts of different skin tones and colors and textures.”

In the short video, Kim could be seen dressing in a white robe with her hair tied in a high bun while receiving facial care. Over the footage, the SKIMS founder added short explanation of the procedures by writing, “I’m having TWO treatments done simultaneously at @drghavami’s MedSpa @gpsaesthetics. Moxi & Broadband Light & Sciton’s Moxi Laser.”

Kim Kardashian shared clips of her skincare treatments with Dr. Ashkan Ghavami.

In her post, Kim also spilled on one of her treatments, “Sciton’s Broadband Light: Broadband light is an advanced light therapy treatment that addresses a range of skin concerns, including acne, rosacea, age spots, sun spots, fine line and wrinkles, and uneven textures.” She further explained that it “treats superficial sun damage on the face and body,” adding that the treatment only took 5 minutes.

The Kardashians” star additionally admitted that she is “obsessed” with skin and facial care. “I’m obsessed w skin care and facial treatments and lasers so wanted to share what this is,” she wrote in one of her captions. “Together the combo was amazing and didn’t hurt bc I numbed but I think I could have done without numbing honestly.”

In June, Kim launched skin care line, SKKN, which offers a number of items, including cleanser, toner, eye cream and exfoliator. When expressing her excitement over the brand, she told Elle magazine, “I’m really superstitious about projects before they launch. But this is a good nervousness – I hope the products really resonate with people and they understand why I’m launching the brand.”

The ex-wife of Kanye West went on to add in the interview, “I launched Skims because it was a solution to a problem, and I want SKKN to help people find a solution to their skincare problems. These products also feel more authentic to me and how much I care about having a good skin base.”

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