Kelly Monaco Finds It Crazy That Lit Cigarette Left Her With Burned Down House

After waking up to a fire that took a huge portion of her home, the ‘General Hospital’ star states that investigators believed the incident happened because someone tossed a lit cigarette butt.

AceShowbizKelly Monaco has just gone through an unfortunate incident. The “General Hospital” star’s house got burned down on Friday, May 13, and she admitted that she found it crazy how a single lit cigarette left her with ruins.

Speaking of the incident in details, the former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant shared to TMZ of what happened. She revealed that on Friday morning, she woke up to a fire on her front yard. The fire quickly spread to other parts of her property and began to overtake a huge portion of her home, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.

While Kelly was thankfully able to escape from the fire unharmed, her Sherman Oaks house got damaged to the point that it will not be liveable for quite some time. To help arson investigators in identifying the cause of the flame, she then turned her security footage to the police.

Some of the security footage Kelly released also showed firemen walking through smoke as they put out her house fire. She also shared a clip that displayed how fast a tiny spark could turn into a huge flame. “This is how it started,” she said in the background of the video. “Isn’t this crazy?”

Having had the remain of her house examined, Kelly learned from the investigators that the fire happened because someone tossed a lit cigarette butt on an empty lot next to her house. They, however, believed that it was purely an accident.

Still, Kelly was left devastated and in disbelief over it. “Something as little as a cigarette butt can cause casualties and devastation,” the 45-year-old actress pointed out to the media. She further noted that none of the dramatic and crazy stories she acted on soap operas during her 22 years of career were comparable to the actual experience of the wild incident happening at her own house.

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