Kate Garraway candidly lists husband Derek Draper’s ‘extraordinary’ health problems

Kate Garraway says having Derek home at Christmas is a 'gift'

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After over a year in hospital, with doctors scarcely knowing whether husband Derek Draper would live or die, Kate Garraway brought him home to huge relief. However the Good Morning Britain presenter’s spouse has been blighted by health challenges – and she has today revealed that she is unsure whether he will ever live a “full” life again.

he still has extraordinary problems with communication, mobility is very limited, massive problems with fatigue

Kate Garraway

The 54-year-old is overjoyed Derek is at home this Christmas, having spent the previous year’s festive season apart while he languished in a hospital bed.

Yet, as she bravely sets out, his health struggles are far from over.

“Obviously, he still has extraordinary problems with communication, mobility is very limited, massive problems with fatigue,” she revealed to GMB viewers.

She has also told of her heartbreak that he will be unable to take children Darcey and Billy Christmas shopping this year, as it is proving too “exhausting” for him to leave the house.

Reflecting on his arduous health journey, she explained: “Last Christmas Eve, we did have a lot of promise and a lot of hope. But Derek was in hospital.

“We had no idea whether he was going to live or die, praying that it was going in the right direction.”

She added: “A huge amount of gratitude for all the staff, the NHS teams that have kept him alive, and grateful that he was still alive as many other people have lost their life.

“And this year, of course, he’s home so we are spending Christmas together, and that is the biggest gift.”

However she confessed that her and her family were fearful as he has “still got a long, long way to go”.

She added: “It’s kind of hard to get your head around really.”

To complicate matters further, Kate’s oven has broken down, making it difficult for her to host anyone over the festive period, and former political adviser Derek can scarcely bear to be moved, so is unlikely to be travelling to his extended family’s home.

Kate’s heart-breaking and fiercely emotional ITV documentary, Finding Derek, revealed in depth the struggles and sense of loss that she has experienced.

She won a prize at the National Television Awards for her piece on the situation, and will be releasing a follow-up film next year, Caring For Derek, which charts her journey from the moment Derek arrived home from the hospital in April up to the present day.

She has elaborated on the support network she has received, stating: “This year since he’s been home, people in the community – friends, incredible family all around – have been amazing.

“But the teams that have come out to help, the nurses, the therapists, and most extraordinary, the carers have been phenomenal. It’s just amazing.

“People working in care homes are making it possible for people to be able to have some kind of Christmas.

“But actually carers that are going out into the home are making it possible for a lot of people to have Christmas and without them we wouldn’t be able to be together.

“I’ve always thought the whole world of caring, local authority and the agencies are amazing.

“But I’ve got a whole new thing. So thank you very much to everybody.”

Kate intends to give further progress updates on her husband after the festive day.

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