Just a Bunch of Cute Wholesome Info on Joey King's New Fiancé Steven Piet

In case you missed the super cute Instagram post and the blindingly gorgeous ring, Joey King is engaged! And her husband-to-be seems like a super chill dude who, frankly, has amazing taste in diamonds. So who is Steven Piet and how did he and Joey meet? Here’s the deep dive you never knew you needed (though, pretty sure you did know you needed it since you ended up here).

Also, before we get into it, can we please take a moment for Joey and Steven’s engagement photos? Pretty sure “I never knew happiness could be so powerful that it can take the air from your lungs” is the new “and then we drank each other’s blood.”


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Joey King’s Fiancé Steven Is a Hollywood Producer/Director

In fact, he and Joey met thanks to working together on Hulu’s The Act. He directed two episodes), and Joey starred in the role of Gypsy Rose Blanchard. Steven spoke a little about his experience directing the show to Vanity Fair, saying, “I felt like my job was to step back as much as I could, and just have the camera in the right place and let these amazing actors do what they do best…At times, I was so lost in their performances that I was forgetting to say ‘Cut.’”

(Convinced he’s talking about Joey specifically here even though he didn’t say so…just saying).

Anyway, in addition to The Act, Steven wrote and directed a 2015 film called Uncle John and has worked on projects like Briarpatch and on Nightflyers. Oh, AND he’s also dabbled in cinematography and editing, so basically when it comes to making movies and TV shows, there is nothing this man can’t do.

He’s From Chicago and Majored in Film

We know this thanks to the Uncle John website, which has this cute lil bio about Steven:

He and Joey Have Been Dating Since 2019

At least, this is when they were photographed being all cute at a movie screening in L.A. At the time, a source told E! News that “Joey and Steven cuddled the entire time and looked very happy together. They had snacks and drinks and were laughing with her sisters.”

Joey posted photos from the night, but looks Steven didn’t make the grid due to them keeping their relationship private at the time:


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But they did a hard launch on Christmas a few months later and have been doing their cute thing on Insta ever since:


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They Are SUPER in Love

Look no further than Steven’s Instagram announcing his engagement, which reads, “The weather was less than perfect. Cold. Windy. Perfectly imperfect to ask my best friend to spend a lifetime together. A lifetime of incredibly safe and vulnerable conversations. Holding hands on silent cab rides home, exhausted from great food and red wine. And oh, the laughter. The uncontrollable laughter.”


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Just gonna drop a few more cute pics while we’re here:


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Oh, and before we go, they have a very sweet dog, which seems like an important note to end on:


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