Joe Montana Stars in Guinness’ Super Bowl Commercial 2021 (Video)

Joe Montana stars in the 2021 Super Bowl Commercial for Guinness beer and we have more info about the ad!

The 64-year-old former football player, who is one of the most popular NFL legends of all time, talks about being the GOAT.

The commercial includes clips from Montana‘s days on the Notre Dame football team and it specifically includes moments from the 1979 Cotton Bowl Classic.

If you didn’t know, Montana played during that game while he had the flu, despite the weather being freezing cold. The game if now known as the Chicken Soup Game because Montana was eating chicken soup to stay warm and his team ended up making a big comeback to win.

“The greats take it as an article of faith that the best is yet to come,” Montana says in the commercial. “So, here’s to the greatest player we don’t know yet, the greatest play we haven’t seen, the greatest beer you maybe haven’t tried and the greatest year that’s still ahead of us.”

Watch below!

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