Jeremy Clarkson ‘encouraging’ son Finlo to be a burglar as he blasts police failings

Jeremy Clarkson recalls 'criticism' from Sabine Schmitz

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Jeremy Clarkson, 61, recently aired his frustrations with the police after becoming the victim of theft. The Grand Tour presenter then mused how “it’s daft to expect kids to work for a living” so he is “encouraging” his “to take up burglary instead”.

Clarkson is currently filming the latest series of The Grand Tour around the country with his co-presenters Richard Hammond and James May.

However, the star recently took a break from his filming obligations to complain about workshy British teenagers.

The father-of-three opened up about why he thinks young people will be turning to crime rather than working in pubs.

In his latest column for the Sunday Times, Clarkson was speaking about how teenagers struggle with the reality of working.

He wrote: “British kids, then, have a bad rap.

“They’re seen as weak, spoilt, lazy, entitled and completely incapable of doing what you and I would call work.

“Getting up. Putting on a tie. Being told what to do. And then going home with not much pay.

“And it’s true. They don’t want to do that. Which is why so many of them have decided to become burglars.”

The outspoken presenter also pointed out he’d encourage his son to do the same given it seems to be a pretty good alternative to other jobs.

He said: “You’re your own boss, you pay no tax and there’s almost no chance you’ll get caught.”

“I used to say to my boy that he should think about a career in plumbing,” Clarkson added.

“I figured that, with his accent and manners, he’d clean up, even if his customers had to do much the same thing after one of his visits.

“But now I’m thinking that he should consider a career in burglary instead.”

Along with suggesting his son should pursue a life in crime, Clarkson also aired his frustrations at the lack of convictions over theft in a blast aimed at the police.

He spoke specifically about a time when he had a CCTV image of someone stealing his television.

However, he suggested despite the clear picture, the police were unable to locate the person responsible.

Clarkson explained: “We read in The Times last week that in nearly one million burglaries that have taken place since 2015, police failed to identify a suspect.

“Yes, in 18 percent of cases a suspect was identified, but that was usually because he was on the premises when the constabulary arrived, drooling and puking into his swag bag.

“Anyone with even the smallest amount of self-restraint and intelligence gets away with it, which is why, in 82 percent of cases, the perps were never identified.”

Clarkson’s tongue-in-cheek suggestion was aimed at his only son Finlo, 24.

The presenter co-parents him with his ex-wife Frances Cain.

Clarkson has three children in total with two daughters, Emily, 26, and Katya, 20.

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