Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond ‘demanded’ board game be flown to private island

Richard Hammond admits he’s scared of ‘hurting himself’

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While living like rockstars and touring the world during their time on Top Gear, it’s been said that Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond asked for one thing in particular. A former employee has claimed that the hosts “demanded” their favourite game be flown in.

They demanded that the board game ‘Risk’ was delivered to their hide-away as soon as possible.

Phillipa Sage

In her new book, Phillipa Sage, who travelled across the globe with the pair and their co-star James May, has unearthed some never-before spoken of stories.

Jeremy Clarkson, 61, found fame back in 1988 when he signed up to host BBC’s Top Gear alongside the likes of Julia Bradbury, Brendan Coogan and James May.

However, his big break came in 2002 when he signed on the dotted line to become the main presenter alongside May and Hammond – who all appeared on the show until 2015.

The three men often competed in overseas races, crossing terrains such as deserts and vast cities.

However, while on the road with Top Gear, Richard, 51, and Jeremy are said to have had an urgent request.

Writing in her new book, Phillipa detailed the moment the two grown-up men were on the road in New Zealand.

She said: “Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond were staying at a secluded house on a private island in New Zealand, which came with its own beach and boat.

“But our naughty, hyperactive schoolboy-like divas weren’t entirely happy.”

Phillipa added: “They demanded that the board game ‘Risk’ was delivered to their hide-away as soon as possible.”

Addressing Jeremy and Richard’s reported demand, she went on to write: “And so, a helicopter was sent from the capital city Auckland, to fly in a board game where players use ‘diplomacy, conflict and conquest’ to win for the two Top Gear presenters.”

In her new memoir, Off-Road With Clarkson, Hammond and May, Phillipa detailed some of the group’s supposed boozy antics, which included a “girl throwing competition” and their “own version of the Italian Job car stunt”.

However, the partying lifestyle soon began to take such a toll on the presenters, with Phillipa sharing the moment that May believed he was having a heart attack after a strenuous stint of shows.

After a “mad” night of travelling through Australia in an old fire engine, the group were left stunned when a member of the crew thought their hotel was on fire.

Speaking of the incident, she said: “What was more of a shock was to see James May exit in his boxer shorts.

“Later James, our most gentle presenter, thought he was having a heart attack after suffering chest pains following an afternoon performance.”

Phillipa, who worked on the programme for two decades, added: “Paramedics confirmed no heart attack but not surprisingly he was clearly suffering from stress and the effects of a not so healthy lifestyle.

“After a snooze, he declared he felt better and he would go ahead with the evening’s performance.”

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