Jason Hitch Dies: 90 Day Fiance Alum Passes Following Battle with COVID-19

On Season 2, 90 Day Fiance was just getting off the ground.

Jason Hitch was on that season, at the time on his romantic journey with Cassia Tavares.

The married before divorcing in 2018 after some very public disagreements and even an arrest.

Now, Jason has passed away at the age of 45.

Jason Hitch’s sister, Shannon, informed TMZ of her brother’s death.

Jason passed away on Tuesday night.

At the time, Jason was in the ICU of a Florida Hospital.

While many deaths during this devastating pandemic have been in isolation, Jason’s family was with him.

Some were even able to hold his hand during his final moments of life.

Shannon shared that Jason did not have preexisting medical conditions. 

However, she revealed that Jason was not vaccinated.

The 45-year-old 90 Day Fiance alum’s death was due to COVID-19, though Shannon shared that other factors may have been involved.

It is unclear what factors those may have been, and what basis Shannon had for that statement.

Jason was a first lieutenant in the Army Reserves.

Shannon eulogized her brother as a “true and honest shooter, a great officer and leader to his men.”

He will certainly be missed, and our thoughts are with Jason’s loved ones in this time of mourning and grief.

As we mentioned, Jason and Cassia began their divorce process in 2018.

That is actually an understatement, because there were two filings for divorce that year.

According to Jason, they were not meeting each other’s expectations and there were multiple communication failures.

Jason said at the time of the second filing that Cassia was not, he believed, living up to her end of the marriage.

A breakdown in marital communications, meanwhile, meant that she wasn’t telling him what the issues were or what he needed to do.

Jason additionally added that he was confident that his months of deployment each year were not a factor.

There was, Jason said at the time, no contentious divorce ahead of them.

Many divorces are followed by grueling property division, but he said that there would not even be alimony payments.

He did at least confirm that Cassia did not marry him simply to come to the United Statesm, in case xenophobic “fans” accused her of that.

There was also a 15-year age gap at play.

When both parties are adults, an age gap that size or larger can often simply be incidental, with no real issues arising from it.

In this case, however, it was just one potential red flag among many.

Jason was also perceived as having real control issues.

As we all know, the 90 Day Fiance fandom as a whole loves to hate women, especially when they receive unflattering edits.

Despite efforts by the cameras to portray Cassia as a demanding gold-digger with exacting demands, many viewers sympathized with her.

Those sympathies appear to have been well-placed.

The alarming report that police noticed injuries on Cassia’s arms that appeared to be consistent with domestic abuse and arrested Jason haunted fans for years.

Just as our thoughts are with Jason’s family at this time, we are also thinking of Cassia and hoping that she is well. 

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