Jamie Redknapp, 49, shares health update after knee replacement op

Jamie Redknapp discusses his newborn son Raphael

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Jamie Redknapp, 49, shared a picture from his hospital bed this weekend as the retired footballer explained that he had finally made the decision to fix his knee. The League of Their Own star revealed that he required knee replacement surgery, 19 years after the injury forced him to retire at just 30 years old.

It was a constant battle!

Jamie Redknapp

Jamie shared two pictures on Instagram in view of his 1.4 million followers, including one of him on a hospital bed and another of his knee scan.

He sported a grey T-shirt and a pair of shorts while wearing a knee brace.

Jamie captioned the post: “So I have finally decided to fix my knee and get a full knee replacement.

“When I was just 18 I had all of the meniscus removed from the inside of my right knee, hence making it bone on bone and taking away the cushion that protects it.

“It has given me constant problems since. Whilst I was playing I had to have physio appointments at all hours.

“With the help of the incredible Kevin Lidlow it was a constant battle to keep the swelling down and pain under control, but after at least 12 surgeries I have decided to have it done.”

Jamie then shared his praise for Richard Steadman, a surgeon who helped him get a “few more years” out of his career before he was forced to retire from football at just 30 years old.

He continued: “Having a young baby has also made this decision easier, as I need to be as mobile as possible so I can chase that little speedy rascal around.

“I want to thank you Dr Sweetnam, and your great team, for looking after me so amazingly well.

“As you can see in pic 2 I assume I will be setting off the X-ray machines at the airport with my new titanium knee.

“So here is to a new beginning, I’m excited about this next chapter And watching all the World Cup games is going to make this rehab a touch easier.”

Many rushed to the comments to share their well wishes to Jamie and a speedy recovery.

His wife Frida Redknapp wrote: “Cannot wait to take you on one of my long walks.”

Emilyrogawski added: “Must feel so good mentally to have this done as you look towards the future!

“Wishing you speedy healing & lots of patience on the rollercoaster ride that is recovery.”

JayneSmith0908 commented: “@Jamieredknapp Good luck with your recovery and make sure when it’s time to start moving it you have taken plenty of meds because it’s very painful x.”

Jamie and Frida welcomed their first child together, Raphael Anders, last November with the couple marrying a month before.

The former footballer gushed over his toddler son last week as he celebrated the youngster’s first milestone birthday.

In one snap, Jamie could be seen holding up his son while his older brothers Charley, 18, and Beau, 14, whom he shares with ex-wife Louise Redknapp, gathered around.

He penned: “Happy 1st birthday Raphael. You have brought so much joy to our family with your cheeky character. We love you so much.”

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