Jaden Smith Gave Cara Delevingne a Giant Bouquet of Roses on Valentine’s Day!

We’ve known for years that Cara Delevingne and Jaden Smith are friends, but are they more than friends?

The two stars were spotted meeting up for dinner for a Valentine’s Day date on Sunday night (February 14) in West Hollywood, Calif.

Jaden had a giant bouquet of roses that he presented to Cara upon seeing her outside of the restaurant. The two stars shared a quick kiss and a hug after greeting each other. You can see the photos on DailyMail.com.

It’s not clear if something romantic is going on between Cara and Jaden, but we do know that they have been friends for years. They have many mutual friends in common and have been photographed together in the past.

Cara and Jaden also star in the recent movie Life in a Year, which was just added to Amazon Prime.

One day later, Cara was seen meeting up with another famous friend.

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