Jacqueline Bisset, 77, talks going on date with Frank Sinatra: He was unhappy with life

Sophia Loren reveals Frank Sinatra 'never sang on set'

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Hollywood actress Jacqueline Bisset has opened up on dating American singer and actor Frank Sinatra, during a period he was reportedly “unhappy with his life”. The UK-born actress, 77, starred in the 1968 film The Detective alongside the Rat Pack member and in a new interview has detailed being flown to New York to go on a date with him.

He was feeling unhappy with what was going on in his life

Jacqueline Bisset

Speaking about her nearly six-decade long career on the big screen, Jacqueline admitted that she “certainly got lucky a lot”.

Early on she landed the role of Norma MacIverin in crime film The Detective when she was just 24.

At the time, Frank was separating from his third wife, actress Mia Farrow, who was originally cast for the part.

Jacqueline told how she met the singer on the set of the film where he introduced himself.

Knowing who he was immediately, she said: “I thought, ‘Oh yeah, you need an introduction?'”

After thinking it “sweet” that he had introduced himself, Jacqueline revealed what it was like working with one of Hollywood’s best loved actors from the Golden Age of cinema.

Jacqueline said: “He was very nice to me. Very protective, and called me ‘the kid,’ but he was feeling unhappy with what was going on in his life.”

The High Society actor went on to surprise her by whisking her away to attend the film’s premiere in New York by his side.

After arriving at the Plaza Hotel, Frank went on to play a joke on her, calling Jacqueline’s room and asking for “Francis Albert”, leaving the young actress confused.

But on the way to the premiere, Jacqueline admitted thinking: “I couldn’t believe I was going to walk through the hotel with him.”

She thinks herself lucky with her experiences with co-stars and generally felt protected by her male colleagues.

Speaking about the Me Too movement, she said: “I really did not have trouble with all the stories that people talked a lot about.

“I was also very determined not to have anything happen,” she told People magazine.

The movie star, who is godmother to actress Angelina Jolie, is now starring in Birds of Paradise, which is based on the 2019 novel Bright Burning Stars by A.K. Small.

It tells the story of two dancers at an elite ballet academy in Paris, who compete for a contract to join the Opera national de Paris.

Elsewhere in the interview, Jacqueline revealed that she would love to work with actor Robert De Niro, saying she likes his work “very much”.

However, she went on to admit that she’d probably be cast as the 78-year-old’s mother.

Frank was married four times and has three children.

The star was wed to Barbara Sinatra for over 20 years until his death in 1998.

Before then, he and actress Mia were married for two years before splitting in 1968.

He was also married to actress Ava Gardner for six years and Nancy Barbato for over 10 until divorcing in 1951.

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