‘I had to call Kaleb!’ Jeremy Clarksons unlikely task for co-star after getting stuck

Jeremy Clarkson says Grand Tour co-stars haven’t visited farm

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Clarkson’s Farm star Jeremy Clarkson has told how he was forced to call farming expert Kaleb Cooper following a mishap with his tractor. The Grand Tour presenter, 61, recalled the hilarious incident to BBC Radio Two presenter Zoe Ball, where he told how his co-star had come to his rescue by sitting on the bonnet of his tractor like an “ornament”.

So I had to call Kaleb and I put him in a box on the front to add weight to it

Jeremy Clarkson

Speaking about Diddly Squat Farm, Zoe revealed that she was desperate to know more about one specific incident.

“Recently someone wheelied a tractor on the farm, ” the radio host said, before going to ask Jeremy for more details.

He replied: “Oh yes, weirdly I bought a piece of equipment called a disc, I apparently learned.

“And it was too heavy really, so everytime you lifted it up the front wheels of my tractor went in the air.

“And then it got stuck so you couldn’t get the wheels back down,” he explained.

Jeremy told how he was forced to call farm-hand Kaleb to sit on the bonnet of the tractor to weigh it down.

He went on: “So I had to call Kaleb and I put him in a box on the front to add weight to it.

“The only way I could drive the tractor was by having Kaleb as a sort of bonnet ornament, like a flying lady on a Rolls Royce, only with a perm,” he joked.

Zoe could be heard in the background cracking up as the farmer relayed the anecdote.

“So that was a hilarious day,” Jeremy added.

The star went on to explain that he had been “tasting beer all afternoon” and said that the sight of him driving back from the event made for a “spectacle with a bonnet ornament made of Kaleb”.

“It’s a fun way of earning a living,” before quickly correcting himself and adding: “You don’t earn a living, but it’s a fun way of passing the time.”

When asked by Zoe whether viewers could expect to see the incident played out on screens in the next series of the hit farming show, Jeremy admitted that it unfortunately won’t be featured.

He said: “The cameras are here maybe two days a week and that was on one of the days they weren’t here, so it was just us c***ing around.”

Elsewhere, Jeremy told how his idea for the Diddly Squat Farm Shop’s own brand of beer “fell foul of the regulator”.

The star had previously revealed that he wanted to use the slogan “if you’re an alcoholic, don’t fight it, feed it”, to promote his new beer.

However, the phrasing was unsurprisingly not approved by the relevant authorities.

He said: “‘If you’re an alcoholic, don’t fight it, feed it’ fell foul of the regulator.

“There’s so much you can’t say. For example, ‘This is a delicious breakfast beer’, they won’t allow it.

“It’s very boring. Basically, all I’m allowed to say is, ‘This is lager’,” he told The Sun.

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