Heidi Klum leaves little to imagination as she teases gory Halloween look in topless photo

Heidi Klum shows off her lifelike Halloween 2021 makeup

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Heidi Klum is well known for her epic Halloween parties and the impressive costumes she has sported over the years. The coronavirus pandemic put a stop to a bash last year, but that has seemingly only led the supermodel to get more creative.

She roped in her family to film a scary movie in 2020 and it looks as though the 48-year-old may follow suit this year.

Heidi took to social media last night to share some behind-the-scenes footage of what she had planned.

It showed the America’s Got Talent judge getting into character and having special effects make-up applied to her face and body.

She was seen with a large cut down the side of her face and also sported a missing thumb.

“Doesn’t it look disgusting? Thumbs up,” she amusingly said to the camera during filming.

Other snippets showed Heidi in costume chopping vegetables in the kitchen and throwing her missing digit in a salad bowl.

“We all go a little mad sometimes… #HeidiHalloween2021,” she wrote on Instagram, when she shared the post with her 8.6 million followers.

A string of Halloween-inspired emojis such as pumpkins, spiders and bats accompanied the clip.

Heidi also stripped off to unveil some gruesome body art.

In an online boomerang clip, the model, who was only wearing a towel around her waist, covered her modesty with her arms.

The topless star could be seen with a large open wound painted on her skin which covered her whole back.

The media personality could be seen swishing her long blonde tresses over her shoulder to showcase the make-up in full.

“Never look back, the past is a wilderness of horrors #HeidiHalloween2021,” she captioned her post.

Earlier footage showed the make-up being applied and teased another glimpse at her film.

In one clip, she could be seen making a drink at a bar before an unfortunate accident.

When she sneezed her fake eyeball popped out and landed in her glass.

Heidi’s Halloween parties have gotten bigger and better over the years.

2019 marked her 20th annual bash.

The supermodel has sported some incredible and memorable costumes during those two decades.

She has transformed into Jessica Rabbit, Princess Fiona from Shrek, an ape, a werewolf, and various other gruesome characters to name a few.

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