Hazel E Exposes Husband Devon Wallers Angry DMs

The former ‘Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood’ star says she needs to let the world know about her relationship issues with her spouse because she has ‘a child and I have to protect us at all cost.’

AceShowbiz -There’s trouble in paradise in Hazel E and Devon Waller‘s relationship. On Monday, October 31, the “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” alum exposed alleged DMs from her husband on her Instagram Story.

In the screenshot, Devon first argued, “Do you block me right before you head out so I can’t contact you at all ight if I all of a sudden pop up n I see you on s**t with a [blurred] I’m going LEFT.” He added, “So think you wanna run you still my wife you ain’t about to b disrespecting me in public.”

“Bet you wanna think I can’t get back to where you at are you CEAZY now I’m on bulls**t ima embarrass you tonight you wanna move tslk b in [blurred] face ima embarrass you an embarrass him too or her nobody’s special,” he continued. “None of them gonna tell me no the f**k that they all know me n [blurred].”

After asking Hazel’s whereabouts but did not get any replies, Devon fumed, “I’m pullin up now then say less I’ll find you n when’s I go I got a surprise.” In another screenshot, Devon raged, “Answer you f**kin phone or I swear it’s war. You’re dead a** wrong for you to sh to lie to me tells you doing something.” He even called his wife a “h*e.”

In a separate snap, Hazel wrote, “Never in 3yrs have I brought my relationship issues to the Internet.” She further noted, “But I got a child and I have to protect us at all cost. Sometimes silence will be the thing that kills you. Hold people accountable. Even if it hurts.”

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