Gino D’Acampo slams David Beckham ‘ruining my life’

Gino D'Acampo announces break from This Morning

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Gino D’Acampo, 46, said he would prefer to not spend his evenings watching Frozen, or playing with Lego, as he claimed David Beckham has set the standard for working fathers to spend more time with their children. The This Morning chef spends much of his time juggling family life with his full-time career.

The TV chef who has sons Luciano, 20, Rocco, 16, and a daughter, Mia, nine, with his wife Jessica, said the idea of being the cool dad for your children, and the thought of doing child activities with them, was all “cr*p”.

Gino explained he comes from an era where he would see his own dad every evening, where they would enjoy a family meal at the dinner table, and would spend a few hours with him on a Sunday.

The on-screen star said he does “not buy” into the notion he has to do certain things with his own children and spend a lot of time with them.

Speaking in a new interview, he said: “I think it’s insane when I see a lot of working mums and working dads, they’re kind of suffering because they wanted to spend more time with the kids, but probably not because they want to but because they feel they have to.

“I blame David Beckham – not literally – because before David Beckham dads they used to go to work and they used to see the kids in the evening, then he came around, or people like him, and we started to have social media, so everybody started to see what other celebrities (were doing).”

The former professional footballer often shares videos and photos on social media with his wife Victoria Beckham and the couple’s four children, Brooklyn, 23, Romeo, 20, Cruz, 17 and Harper, 11.

Gino claimed stars such as the Beckhams would often be seen taking their children to school and doing social activities, adding it made other working dads step up and do the same.

He continued on Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast: “They used to take their kids everywhere, they used to take the kids to school, they used to take the kids to work – it was like ‘that f**k’s ruined my life that man, now I have to do the same’.

“We all felt we had to keep up with this cool parenting where you’re doing things.”

He added: “Dads taking their kids to school? I never remember seeing any dads when I was a boy going to school.

“This idea of the cool dad and the cool mum is cr*p. Why would you feel guilty?”

The on-screen star went on to joke when his youngest daughter wants to watch Frozen he usually declines and urges her to watch Only Fools and Horses instead.


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Gino is known for his risqué sense of humour as he is for his culinary talents, following regular appearances on This Morning and Celebrity Juice.

The TV chef has been married to his wife Jessica since the pair tied the knot in 2002 and have since welcomed three children.

Gino previously admitted that he is the stricter parent out of himself and Jessica, telling Woman magazine: “You can see my wife look at the children, saying with her eyes ‘Don’t even think about it, he’s not going to bend’.”

He added: “My kids are not allowed to be fussy eaters. The problem with fussy children is their stupid parents. I run a family kitchen and in my house we don’t have options. I never had options, why should they?”

Gino also gave an insight into family life in an interview with Hertfordshire Life, revealing that while he loves to cook, his wife also treats them to a special Sunday meal.

“On a Sunday, Jessie will cook for all of us, and we all really look forward to it,” he said, adding: “I much prefer them to flashy showbiz bashes. I’d much prefer to be at home with my family than go out.”

He said of his home: “We have a big garden; there’s a swimming pool, and we keep chickens. I love them. I love getting up in the morning and collecting the eggs.”

The TV chef also admitted his wife is the person who truly “rules the roost”.

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