Get to Know ‘Shiny’ Sibling Duo Between Friends With These 10 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

Between Friends is one of the exciting new acts on the music scene, and we want Just Jared readers to get to know them even better!

The LA-based brother-sister duo, individually Savannah and Brandon Hudson just dropped their 5-track mixtape on Friday (February 12) called tape 001, the first in a series of three releases leading up to a full project this summer.

The mixtape also includes their new single, “shiny.”

“‘Shiny,’ in a way, is a transition to another side of our personalities. As creatives, we can get super blocked up being ourselves all the time. We wanted to put metaphorical masks on and write as something else. To us the most exciting thing about all of this is weaving out of body and embracing a new sort of confidence,” they said of the track.

“For our new project we were very fascinated and inspired by lost formats and things that we consistently overlook in our fast moving 21st century. When we conceptualized our mixtape, our number one source of visual inspiration was found in old storage boxes in our garage. Old VHS cameras, tapes, cassettes, CDs, old boom-boxes, etc. For the ‘shiny’ music video we wanted to tap into scenes in LA that we constantly overlook on a daily basis. Skate parks underneath highway bridges in downtown LA, brake lights from cars on the freeway, our favorite video FX shop on the east side, and moments in our car – considering majority of our year was spent driving around an empty city,” they went on to say.

“We were fortunate enough to work with our friend Kevin Clark on this video. Our times shooting together were casual and on the spot. He purchased spy cameras online along with two rolls of film and we just kinda improvised the rest. There was a moment while shooting underneath a bridge in DTLA where we saw an early 2000’s Kawasaki motorbike. Naturally, we thought it was beautifully fitting and the owner of the bike said we could use it. We ended up cruising around the parking lot shooting b-roll in ski masks. The definition of run-n-gun.”

Check out the music video for “shiny,” and learn 10 Fun Facts about Between Friends.

  • 1. We are currently training to be masters of Tai Chi.
  • 2. Yes, we are siblings. we get mistaken for twins often and we sometimes go with it. actually though we are two years apart in age.
  • 3. Savannah is a secret barista, she makes insane iced oat milk lattes daily and we sometimes have 2-3 while we work. It’s a problem.
  • 4. We make everything in house. Everything you see BETWEEN FRIENDS is created by us. Occasionally we will have friends jump in and help out, but the music, visuals and all of our other creative endeavors are personally created by us for you.
  • 5. We make great pasta. We grew up in a very heavy pasta making kitchen (being half Sicilian) and during this quarantine we had a lot of time to masterfully craft our favorite dishes. Carbonara, spicy fusilli, you name it. Come thru.

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