George Clooney, 60, admits he ‘had to rethink’ lifestyle after becoming dad later in life

George Clooney rules out going into politics

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George Clooney and his wife Amal Clooney have a son and a daughter together, who were born in 2017. The Hollywood legend has now opened up about being an older father and how his life changed when they were born.

The former ER star admitted having twins aged 56 has impacted his energy levels.

Speaking on a recent podcast, he shared how he had changed his life following their birth.

He shared: “The hard part is being 60 and just the sheer running around of it.

“I had this discussion with Amal the other day because I turned 60.

“Look, we have to rethink how we’re doing our lives.”

George then explained on the WTF with Marc Maron podcast how they’ve had to reassess how much they’re working.

As well as this, the actor opened up about growing older and his health.

He added: “Sixty is a number but I’ve done all the physicals, knock on wood, in good shape.

“I feel healthy. Sixty, you can kind of beat the devil a little bit, 80 you can’t and that’s 20 years from now.

“Twenty years happens in a flash, and faster as you get older.”

In his chat with Marc, George admitted he “couldn’t be happier” after having children.

George became engaged to his now-wife Amal in 2014 after the pair met while campaigning.

The pair tied the knot in September of that year and were married by his friend Walter Veltroni.

George has previously opened up about raising his children in interviews.

Chatting on the Today show back in May 2019, he said: “They’re good kids.

“They really come out with the personalities that they’re born with.

“They’re just completely different personalities, and they’re fun and smart.

“I mean, they already can … do all their ABC’s in Italian and in English, and I can’t do that in English.”

George is currently filming his return to the big screen in the film Ticket to Paradise.

Appearing opposite Julia Roberts and Kaitlyn Dever, this sees a divorced couple teaming up to stop their daughter from making the same mistake they once did.

The film is due to be released in cinemas in 2022.

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