Gemma Atkinson slams claims she ‘faked’ pics after birth as C-Section scar isn’t visible

Former Strictly Come Dancing star Gemma Atkinson, 35, and professional dancer Gorka Marquez, 29, welcomed their baby daughter Mia, back in July. The radio host underwent an emergency C-Section due to problems at birth, which left her with a scar.

Should woman who didn’t get them be made to feel guilty & apologise? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Gemma Atkinson

In her most recent photoshoot with Woman’s Health magazine, Gemma Atkinson wore various items of gym gear as she confidently showcased her sensational physique.

In an interview with the publication, she said her body has “changed” since becoming a mum, adding: “That made me more determined to do [the shoot] – my body is not better or worse, just different.”

Now, the mother-of-one has defiantly hit back at people who have accused her of airbrushing her pictures.

As part of a lengthy post on her Instagram page with 1.3 million followers, she said many had queried why her C-Section scar and stretch marks are not visible in the shoot.

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She explained: “The size & position of your baby & your surgeon being a few of them. Mia was under 5lb. Tiny!

“She was low down & engaged but couldn’t be pushed out so she was cut out instead.”

The radio host added: “My scar is around 8cm long and low down below my knicker line. For me to show it on pictures id quite frankly be showing you the top of my vagina!“

The former Strictly Come Dancing went on to say she didn’t get any stretch marks on her stomach during pregnancy, adding: “I got a few faint white ones on the top of my bum cheeks but I had some there before Mia.

“I think I actually got them in high school.

“I’m no expert but I’m told regardless of lotions & potions they come down to the elasticity in our skin and how quickly our bumps grow.”

She went on to say her sister and mum also didn’t get any stretch marks when they carried children, adding: “Maybe genetics play a role too”.

The former Emmerdale star went on to defiantly say: “Should woman who have them be made to feel bad and apologise?

“ABSOLUTELY NOT! Should woman who didn’t get them be made to feel guilty & apologise? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

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“Motherhood is physically different for every single female body and we are all in our own way just trying to deal with it.”

Gemma went on to say she was going to post a picture of her scar to prove it’s there, but changed her mind.

She explained: “The negative people aren’t getting that. My scar is for me, Gorks and Mia.

“Our imperfect reminder of how lucky we are to have our family.”


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Many of the star’s fans flocked to her post to share their support.

Actress Charley Webb simply wrote: “#BeKind.”

Mother-of-three Giovanna Fletcher commented: “So much love flying your way. Bodies are incredible and we’re lucky ours have had the ability to grow life.”

Gemma and Gorka welcomed baby Mia back in July after announcing her pregnancy news in February last year.

The duo struck up a romance after meeting on Strictly Come Dancing in 2017.

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