From the Cosmo Archives: What Famous Men in the '90s Thought About Sex

“I really, really like women. I was twelve years old when I first got laid by the seventeen-year-old babysitter. Once I started, I kept going. For a while, I was definitely into older women: Back then, nice girls my age just didn’t have sex, but older nice girls did. And that’s what I was interested in. I’ve been married four times [twice, and presently to Melanie Griffith]. Once I said I was incapable of fidelity. I’ve since found out that I was wrong. There’s a quote from Socrates that stuck in my mind: ‘If you get a good wife, you live happily ever after. If you get a bad one, you become a philosopher.’ Thanks to Melanie, I know I will never become a philosopher.”

“In the old days, bodybuilders talked about eating two pounds of meat and eggs a day, and how they couldn’t have sex. I thought, who would want to be part of that kind of sport? But I became a bodybuilding anyway—and discovered these guys were all wrong. Especially about sex. Having chicks around broke up the intense training; it gave you relief, then afterward you’d go back to the serious stuff.”

“Justified or not, I seem to have acquired a reputation as a ladies’ man. The truth is, I’ve always loved women—every shape, color, age—and I always gravitate toward their company.”

“When being famous was still new to me, I went through a stage where I tried to f*ck every woman who could possibly be f*cked. I got a lot of cooperation. I got past that period, but I’m a sexual person and expect to be one for a long time—right up to the end. A lot of people don’t know that Richard Pryor’s father died [during sex]. That’s a good way to go; I’ll take that over being hit by a truck.”

“Actually, yes, sex is my favorite subject. And it’s very hard for me to lie about my prowess or my experience. I consciously cultivate an unbridled curiosity about women, which is good for my work. It’s like this: You can’t make a movie unless you’re making a woman—or at least thinking about making a woman. You can write a book or a play or do almost anything, but you cannot make a movie if you don’t appreciate women.”

“I have a great tattoo, a vision of a tattoo. It’s the lion from an old Nova Scotia coat-of arms, with his claws pawing the air. And there’s a banner below that says, pour verité et pour amour—for truth and for love. Constantly looking for both is what drives me”

“Women are the obsession of my life. Absolutely. I just want to do everything to them. I want to love them and embrace them and die in them and live in them and all that stuff.”

“The beauty of being a man is that you have a chance to spend a lifetime experiencing women.”

“I’ve never been without a woman. Not since I was sixteen. Love, as a feeling, is the greatest thing in the world. And when you become famous, there’s no denying it, and you get lots of attention from women. Here’s my approach on that level: What if you go to bed with a different chick night after night? Does that do anything for you? It really doesn’t—you wake up lonely anyway. You don’t know who’s in the bed with you, and you have to say, ‘Gee, I gotta go now. Okay, see you later.’ And then you go out with another one. But you can carry the gun belt for just so long. You finally realize there’s got to be some kind of substance, somebody you can lie down with, spend some time with, cross it back and forth with. And discover a little bit with. That’s when sex is at its best.”

“I’m a romantic guy, but I don’t have a steady girlfriend—I just borrow other people’s. Truthfully, I love women, but I’ve got a time problem. It’s that simple. I usually cross actresses off the list because sooner or later the relationship is going to become competitive: You compete for each other’s time, or one person’s career is at a spot where the other’s is not. Working with actresses is another matter; kissing girls for a living is not a bad way to go.”

“Giving pleasure is one of my vices. I enjoy doing whatever it is that gives women pleasure. I like to bathe them, give them a massage, wash their hair. But while I love the opposite sex, marriage is not for me. Not yet. When you get married, you should be old enough to tell the difference between lust and love. Right now, I’m not that mature.”

“I’m a devout heterosexual. And I went through a period where I was a womanizing jerk. I wanted to have sex with every good-looking woman I saw. I found I wanted very intense fixes of intimacy. It was like casting a Broadway show in a day: Find Mrs. Baldwin du jour, and have her do everything with you and be your woman. I wasn’t taking the time to really get to know her—by the time I did, I didn’t want her to be Mrs. Baldwin anymore. So she’d be fired and I’d be constantly recasting the role. It was nothing but lust veiled as romance. Now, I’ve learned the difference.”

“I want to be in love all the time. What else is there? Love is the most ambiguous, delirious, illogical emotion there is. I’ve always had a rapport with women—I truly enjoy them. What is life, seriously, without the female species? Women are incredible: When they love, their passion is titanic in is proportions. Once sitting around with a bunch of guys, I said, ‘Just think about it: If all the women were somehow removed from the earth, I think I would be leaving one second later.’ I want to be romantic forever, to be cryonically frozen with a box of chocolates under my arm, and some flowers, and then thawed out in two hundred years so I can propose to someone.”

“Sexy women, women of mystery—I’m always on the lookout for them. So many people give sex a bad reputation. I’ll never understand that. Sex is the most natural, really cool thing in the world. It’s not secret—I like it. And I like having it as often as possible with someone who likes it too.”

“At nineteen, I went to New York. Coming from a little hick town, it was all just astounding. I rode everything with hair—it was wild. Later there were deeper relationships; I grew up and I learned that love is a power of its own. It’s like a spell. You don’t have any choice in the matter either. You can set up to fall in love with somebody, but that’s no guarantee. You can set up not to fall in love with somebody, and that’s till no guarantee. With time and experience, I discovered that the love of one good woman is everything. I met Jessica [Lange] and we fell in love pretty quickly. I’m suddenly being connected with someone in a way I never knew was possible. It’s like a revelation, like discovering a whole new life that you didn’t know was in you.”

“I’m a little embarrassed about it now, but once I did tell a reporter that a girlfriend called me Thumper because Thumper had big feet. And you know what they say about men with big feet. Don’t ask me if it’s true. What is true is that I love women. I love them all. And yeah, I love sex. But what I love best is being in a one-on-one relationship with somebody.”

“I’ve never gone from being in love with one woman to being in love with another woman immediately. In that context, I’ve never been unfaithful. For me, the highest level of sexual excitement is in a monogamous relationship.”

“I look upon women as the ultimate art form: The beauty of a women’s body is breathtaking. I was digging women when I was about ten years old; I was about fourteen when I got laid for the first time. A guy I knew, who was a few years old, worked as a night clerk at a motel. On weekends, he’d have friends in for parties. When I stopped in at one, this chick just zeroed in on me. We went down into the laundry room, and she kind of led me through it. I was amazed. It was just the most incredible experience—I walked out of that laundry room whistling. Great sex still makes me feel like whistling.”

Naked limbs thrashing in the back seat of a Rolls-Royce … those words—from the script of a movie my dad was producing—were all the motivation I needed to quit studying law and become an actor. I become one pair of those naked limbs, and after doing that small part, I thought, I like this business. And although I played this character and other men who sleep around [notably Arnie Becker in L.A. Law], my nature is not to be comfortable with that life. I’ve always been into relationships—which now means marriage. To make a relationship work, you must make sure the sex is good. Sex and romance are very important. And I’ve found that after a really busy day, you may want to have sex all night to forget.”

“If I were to live my life over again, the only thing I would do differently is make love more.”

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