Duncan James fears paralysis from spinal condition as he ‘loses feeling in bum’

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Former boyband singer Duncan James has expressed fears that his rare spinal condition may have returned.

Five years ago, Duncan was diagnosed with Cauda Equina Syndrome, which affects the nerves in the lower back and can lead to paralysis or incontinence if untreated.

The 43 year old corrected the problem by undergoing emergency surgery but is now worried that the condition has come back after experiencing "numbness in his left bum cheek" and back problems once again.

Speaking on Steph's Packed Lunch on Channel 4, the former Blue singer said: "After being great for five years, I was doing my normal workout, and I felt my back go… I'm scared things could get worse again."

"Because I've had such trauma with the operation five years ago, every time my back goes, I get this panic… You get the fear of am I going to go back into Cauda Equina Syndrome, has a nerve fallen out again, is a nerve being suffocated, do I need another decompression?"

He told Steph McGovern: "Cauda Equina was something I never really knew about until it happened to me. Since then, I've become a patron of the Cauda Equina Champions Charity, and so many people have reached out to me who are suffering with the same condition."

Speaking about his condition following surgery five years ago, Duncan added: "Thankfully, I've only been left with numbness down my leg, which I think I'm going to have for the rest of my life. I can't feel my bum cheek or anything, all the way down my leg, it's weird."

Duncan explained the potential side effects of the surgery were serious, with doctors warning him that he "could be catheterised for the rest of his life."

"Thankfully, I was ok but, sadly, there are many people out there who have not been so lucky and do suffer with this, and it isn't a laughing matter."

The hitmaker added that he had been forced to switch up his workouts since his surgery, and he now enjoys more low impact sports such as yoga and swimming.

"You have to look after yourself, your body is your engine, and if you've got a problem you need to make sure you're maintaining it the correct way," he said.

Duncan admitted that his health scare made him "realise his own mortality.

"I was living a carefree life in my 30s, having fun, being about to do what I wanted to without really thinking. Then that happened, and all of a sudden your life is flipped on its head, and it makes you really look at things differently."

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