Duchess Meghan was seen out in Montecito, doing some Christmas shopping

The Duchess of Sussex was seen out and about in Montecito last week and wouldn’t you know, the Daily Mail got the exclusive photos. I think it’s pretty amazing that Meghan and Harry are rarely seen in paparazzi photos. In 2021, they were only pap’d a handful of times. I remember all of the nasty commentary from Salt Island about how Meghan and Harry would be the target of paparazzi and tabloid media in America, and as it turns out, they’re so much safer now and they’re rarely even seen. The Mail had a (stupid) breakdown of what Meghan was wearing and “eyewitness” commentary about how Meghan seemed like she was happy to get out of the house?

— Daily Mail Celebrity (@DailyMailCeleb) December 18, 2021

She looked cute and she was doing some Christmas shopping. I wish people – the Mail and even Sussex Squad peeps – would stop climbing up her ass about every little thing, positively and negatively. Just let her live! Incidentally, I saw some idiot commentator say that Meghan arranged to get pap’d because she was trying to pull attention away from either her Ellen interview (lol) or something happening on Salt Island (double lol). Like, the Mail was clearly hunting for her. This wasn’t a stroll, the photographer found her in Montecito. She didn’t set this up.

Speaking of Montecito, the local newspaper reported that Meghan and Harry were “the first to donate” to the first-ever Annual Montecito Holiday Car Parade. The locals hope that the car parade will become a bigger deal in years to come, but H&M weren’t photographed at the event or anything.

— Omid Scobie (@scobie) December 17, 2021

Photos courtesy of YouTube screencaps, NYT, The Ellen Show.

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