Duchess Kate wore a vintage de la Renta with polka dots & a high ruffled collar

The Duchess of Cambridge wishes she could go back in time and live at Downton Abbey. Or, failing that, she wishes she could go back to the 1980s so she too could copy the Sloane Ranger-meets-Dynasty look that Princess Diana popularized. Pussybows, bejeweled buttons, shoulder pads, ruffles, lace doilies, big fluffy hair, taffeta, chintz, polka dots, velvet, and more buttons. I go back and forth on whether I believe that Kate, in her own mind, thinks that she’s helping to re-popularize this kind of style or whether she’s just got such bad taste that she truly thinks this stuff looks good.

Alright, so Kate and William attended a reception last night in Dublin, hosted by Tánaiste Simon Coveney. They got to see a first-edition copy of James Joyce’s Ulysses, a book I have never even attempted to read (sorry, Irish peeps). For the reception, Kate did not choose some up-and-coming Irish designer, nor some British designer with Irish roots. She chose… Oscar de la Renta. Vintage de la Renta, to be more specific. Can you imagine going to one of those vintage shops and picking THIS? Fuschia and black polka dots with a Victorian ruffled collar? It’s just so bad. My goodness.

Meanwhile, William made a speech about the Troubles and all of that.

During his keynote speech, William said: ‘Growing up I remember seeing the troubles that took place, which affected so many people across the UK and Ireland. This explains why one of the truly profound moments for Catherine and I took place yesterday when we laid a wreath at the Garden of Remembrance. It was a reminder of the complexity of our shared history, and as my grandmother said during her visit in 2011, ”our islands have experienced more than their fair share of heartache and turbulence”. But it was also a reminder of how far we have come. It is right that we continue to remember those who suffered as a consequence of our troubled past. And whilst many wrongs have been done, it is important that we are not bound by these.’

Prince William added that the changing relationship between the UK and the EU will mean Britain and Ireland will have to work together to ensure a strong friendship between the two. He said that while legal treaties are ‘vital in underpinning the relationships between states’, relationships between people are ‘equally, if not more essential – especially between the people of our two countries, whose lives, histories and futures are so deeply intertwined’.

William also quotes his grandmother in the speech as he says Britain and Ireland are not simply neighbours, ‘we are firm friends and equal partners. The links between our people, businesses and our culture are inextricable, and we should all be proud to see how strong those bonds are. As we look ahead to some changes in our relationship, we must never forget how far we have come together in recent decades in transforming the relationships across our two islands.

[From The Daily Mail]

Did… did William just get sent to Ireland to re-deliver the speech the Queen gave years ago? It sort of sounds like it. I mean, the Good Friday Accord was what? 1999? Let me look it up – it was 1998. More than twenty years ago, and the British royal family just drops in every nine years or so to reminisce about how everything’s cool now? And it’s so clear that this is about Brexit and Great Britain pissing off their EU trade partners. I don’t know. I’m not Irish so I’m sure I’m speaking out of turn. I find this kind of sh-t patronizing.

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