Dr. Phil's 10 Tips to Coexist in Quarantine with Partner or Roommate

Dr. Phil has 10 surefire ways to avoid the burning desire to wring your live-in partner’s neck during coronavirus quarantine — most of which require brutal honesty and creativity.

The good doctor dished out his suggestions Tuesday on “TMZ Live,” and said it all starts with being straight-up with each other. Phil says ya just gotta acknowledge the reality … you’re gonna be cooped up together, and it’s not gonna be all sunshine and flowers.

In fact, he takes it a step further — telling us folks should make a list of things that annoy them, and yeah … share it with the person who’s annoying you.

For you ’50 Shades’ fans … Phil also suggests you use a safe word. This one ain’t for sex, though … he’s saying use one to defuse arguments.

He also says simple things like changing up your daily routine and actively trying NOT to be a slob can make a world of difference to your spouse, partner or roommate.

Perhaps most enlightening … Phil, who’s been married to Robin since 1976, says the first 4 minutes of each day are crucial. Watch his explanations — it could change, or even save, your life over the next few months. And, stick around for his final tip … it’s the s**t!!!

You can see a lot more with Phil, BTW, on Tuesday’s “TMZ Live.”

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