DM: Prince Harry & Meghan ‘are set to lose all their remaining patronages’

The British commentary class and royal reporters were already FUMING about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s pregnancy announcement. Then about 24 hours later, we learned that Harry and Meghan will do a sit-down interview with Oprah for American network television (CBS). The British papers are in full meltdown mode. I’m going to keep saying this because it’s true (and I saw Omid Scobie say the same thing last night): this is a repeat of the Finding Freedom controversy. The British media went into a full-throttle hysteria before they even got their hands on the book, and when FF was finally published, it really didn’t reveal all that much. It will be the same with the Oprah interview – I’m sure we’ll get dozens of stories before and after the interview, but it’s not like Meghan or Harry will sit there and say “the Queen is petty AF and the institution is built on racism and colonialism” (where’s the lie though). Anyway, batsh-t crazy royal reporters are gonna be batsh-t crazy. Here’s Emily Andrews at the Daily Mail:

Liz’s big punishment: Harry and Meghan are set to lose all their remaining royal patronages, the Daily Mail can reveal today. It is understood the Queen is to ask them to relinquish their links with any organisations passed down through the Royal Family. Her 36-year-old grandson would be stripped of his three remaining honorary military titles and, potentially, his patronages with the Rugby Football Union, Rugby Football League and the London Marathon. Meghan would have to step down as patron of the National Theatre, unless she can negotiate another position with them. When she was handed the role in 2019, it was seen as a major gesture of support and affection because the Queen had been patron of the London institution for 45 years. One grey area is expected to be the couple’s links with the Commonwealth, but sources suggested that these are likely to go as well.

They really thought Meghan would never use her voice: One source described the interview as ‘one of the most inevitable and, sadly, predictable consequences’ of the ‘Megxit’ saga. The decision to take part in the interview risks angering – and embarrassing – the Royal Family. It could also widen the divisions between Harry and his brother, Prince William, and William’s wife, the Duchess of Cambridge. Buckingham Palace declined to comment last night about the interview, which will be aired six weeks before the Queen’s 95th birthday and in advance of celebrations for Prince Philip’s 100th.

A coldness from the palace: A royal source said that as the couple were no longer working royals, any decisions taken with regard to ‘media commitments are matters for them’. They were ‘under no obligation’ to inform the Royal Household of their plans. The interview was announced by CBS in a press release. While there was no angry reaction from the palace – it has taken great pains not to get into a public slanging match with the Sussexes – the coldness of the response was evident. The decision to strip the couple of their last remaining royal titles is not being done as a reaction to the interview.

The “12 month review” threats are back: It is being perceived that the televised chat was agreed because the couple could ‘see the direction of travel’ of future royal roles. Sources have stressed that a 12-month review of their new status was not put into place last year with a renegotiation of terms in mind, but as a safety net in case they moved abroad ‘and didn’t get a dime in the bank’. It is not clear when an announcement on the patronages will be made but the Mail understands that it could even be earlier than March 31, when the couple’s review period concludes.

LOL, they’re so mad: One source told the Mail that it was hoped that the interview with Miss Winfrey would provide the couple with the chance to ‘get whatever it is they want to say off their chests and move on’. Another added: ‘The interview has clearly come about because there is an understanding [with Harry and Meghan] that all remaining formal links with organisations will cease to exist.’

[From The Daily Mail]

It feels like the palaces just keep setting themselves up for losses, right? Meghan and Harry left that moldy institution, made some blockbuster deals, put money in the bank, got pregnant with their Montecito Baby, won their lawsuits against the British tabloids and they’re free to use their voices and tell their story. And the palace is like “we’re going to punish you, you’re going to be so sorry, remember the 12-month review!!” Nevermind that the last time we heard about that fakakta review, Harry was ghosting his grandma and the courtiers admitted that there wasn’t much they could actually do besides strip a veteran of war of his military honors.

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