Danniella Westbrook back in hospital as she shares ‘scary’ corridor snap

Danniella Westbrook has shared snaps of her back in hospital just weeks after she was hospitalised due to a blood infection.

The former EastEnders actress, 48, uploaded a photo and video to her Instagram story showing her back in hospital, including a "scary" video showing her walking down the empty corridors late at night.

Writing on the photograph, which shows a hospital corridor with people waiting and hospital staff, Danniella wrote: "Another day another hospital."

In the follow-up post, it shows the actress walking down an empty corridor, filmed in black and white, with the actress writing "scary places" and "The only person in the whole corridor" along with a ghost emoji.

She did not offer any explanation as to why she was there – but it comes weeks after the actress was rushed to hospital with bloodstream infection septicaemia.

The bout of sepsis saw Danniella bedridden for several days as she recovered from the illness.

A rep for the star told The Sun at the time: "Danniella suffered a sudden health shock.

"Thankfully the issue was caught early and dealt with by medical professionals. Danniella has been released from hospital and is home recovering with the support of close family.

"We are grateful that Danniella hasn’t suffered from any major risks.

"Danniella appreciates everyone’s immediate support and we will be sure to issue updates on her ongoing recovery accordingly."

The actress needed urgent treatment to stop spread of any infection – with the condition being triggered by your immune system overreacting to an infection or injury, and begins to damage your body's tissues and organs.

Danniella later published an update to her condition, saying she was still in bed sick with the infection and missing "another beautiful day".

She took to Twitter on May 13 to write: “Another beautiful day missed in bed sick with this blood infection”.

The actress has had a number of health issues in recent years, with Danniella recently revealing she is getting five live-changing facial reconstruction surgeries done through the NHS.

The actress has struggled to get it done, with most doctors saying no "in case it failed and they got struck off."

Plastic surgeons allegedly asked the actress for £500,000 for the surgery, and the actress thought she was "never going to get it done."

But when the actress got rushed into intensive care before Christmas due to build-up of fluid from her cold, and was eventually put in front of the "right doctors" to get her life-changing surgery.

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