Dan Walker talks reservations about project away from BBC Breakfast ‘Give too much away’

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BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker has dished on his latest move away from the show. The TV anchor recently released his book Remarkable People: Extraordinary Stories of Everyday People, where he shines a light on others who have shown selflessness and provided courage during challenging times.

The 43-year-old detailed his reservations about writing it, as he is not used to being the person being interviewed.

His comments come as the broadcaster admitted the thought of writing an autobiography seemed like the “worst idea ever”.

Instead, the father-of-three chose to focus on the incredible people that he has crossed paths with throughout the course of his career.

Dan confessed: “Yes, [I did have reservations]. I didn’t really want to give too much away of myself, if you know what I mean.

“I’m always more comfortable interviewing other people and talking to them.

“Not suddenly me answering the questions.”

He continued: “I suppose in the process of writing [the book] I found it easier to express my opinions and how I felt, based on the conversations I was having with people I’d met.

“I think that is what really helped me to write the book. It was looking at what they had been through and thinking about how I would act in that situation.”

Dan went on: “Or thinking about how they inspired me the first time around and how I dealt with all of those emotional moments.

“If I had been in their shoes, what would I do?”

He added: “I’ve met some really incredible people.”

The BBC host also revealed he had previously dismissed the idea of writing a book when he was first approached by publishers.


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Dan said: “Two things collided, one I was due to be making a TV documentary this year going back to South Africa 10 years after the World Cup in 2010 and revisiting some of the people that I met there.

“It was going to be a TV programme, but obviously that got cancelled because of the pandemic.”

The Football Focus host was later approached to write an autobiography about his career in TV journalism.

But he admitted he thought that would be the “worst idea ever”.

“The other thing was the publishers came to me and said, ‘We would love for you to write an autobiography about your 20-odd years in television,'” Dan explained.

“And I said, ‘That sounds like the worst idea ever.'”

Instead the BBC Breakfast host chose to focus on the inspirational people he has encountered.

Remarkable People by Dan Walker is published by Headline and is out now.

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