Dan Walker: BBC host gives apology for cheeky wife comment as Claudia Winkleman wades in

BBC Breakfast: Louise Minchin mocks Dan Walker for 'yawning'

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Dan Walker, 44, joined Claudia Winkleman on Radio 2 as the pair chatted about the broadcaster’s BBC Breakfast special for the Tokyo Olympics 2021. The news presenter opened up about what propels him to get out of bed for the early morning programme, as he made a cheeky jibe at his wife Sarah Walker.

The dad-of-three revealed he often has to set four alarm clocks in order to be up and ready in time for BBC Breakfast.

Dan explained that he sets his alarm for 3.03am to give himself an extra few minutes of sleep.

This led Claudia to question how he managed to not disturb his other half in the mornings.

Claudia questioned: “Can you just confirm… Do you say a 3am wake-up call?”

Dan replied: “Yes but 3am feels a bit too early. I put my alarm on – it can’t be an even number – but it used to be 3.11am.

“Now it goes off at 3.03am because 3.04am seems too late.”

The Radio 2 host then quizzed the Breakfast host on whether he had ever slept through his alarm.

Dan confirmed that it had happened once but not when he has been at home with his family.

He remarked: “It happened once. Never at home where I’ve got four alarms. I’ve never reached alarm number four.

“When I was doing a show away I was staying in a hotel and Louise [Minchin] called me up at 5.05am and said, ‘Shouldn’t you be here?'”

Claudia then praised Dan’s wife for being understanding about her husband having four alarms going off in the early hours.

“I love how understanding your wife is to have four alarms I imagine all around the room,” she chuckled. “‘It’s alright babe, I’ve got the first one. I’m in the shower and now the second one has gone off.'”


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“Anyway…” Claudia trailed off.

Dan swiftly interjected as he joked: “[My wife] she sleeps like a horse. So she’s fine.”

The Radio 2 broadcaster commented: “Well, that’s fantastic.”

The Breakfast host attempted to correct his cheeky jibe, as he said: “I don’t know how horses sleep but you know what I mean.”

Claudia chuckled: “I’m pleased with have a good relationship but if my husband went on the radio and said, ‘Honestly, she’s like a horse.'”

Dan confirmed his partner was in earshot of their conversation, as he said: “I think she’s listening downstairs. She’s a lovely sleeper. Sorry, Sarah.”

Dan and his wife have been married for more than two decades after the couple tied the knot together in 2001.

BBC Breakfast airs daily on BBC One at 6am.

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