Craig Revel Horwood talks sneaky reason he invited Brendan Cole over after not talking

Craig Revel Horwood recalls inviting Brendan Cole over

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Craig Revel Horwood, 56, and Brendan Cole, 45, famously did not get on while they worked together on Strictly Come Dancing, however it appears they have now put their feud to bed. The TV show judge extended an olive branch to the ballroom professional two years ago, although he admits his motives behind the reconciliation were not entirely pure.

Previously Craig is quoted in the press as saying of Brendan: “I really dislike him, we don’t see eye to eye, he brings up the most ridiculous arguments.  

“Yes we are all entitled to our opinions but some opinions suck and his genuinely do.”

When quizzed by Kate Thornton on the statement during the latest episode of White Wine Question Time, he explained: “Didn’t say it – I never get personal.”

However, the podcast host insisted: “But you did.”

Craig laughed: “That must have been the early years! Did I say that?”

Kate reaffirmed: “You did.” 

She then informed Craig that he had said the aforementioned quote about his former co-star Brendan.

Craig responded: “Well, yeah any wonder! Oh, that makes sense now.”

“You two did lock horns right?” probed Kate.

The BBC regular answered: “We did lock horns. I invited him around two years ago to my house. 

“I hadn’t spoken to him for years. I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to see Brendan,’ just to see if he’s working…”

Kate laughed: ‘What a b***h!’ 

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Craig continued: “Oh god this is going out to people, isn’t it? Anyway, he had an electric car. He was showing off. We hated each other.”

Brendan was dropped from Strictly Come Dancing three years ago.

The New Zealand professional had been on Strictly since it began in 2004 until it was confirmed in January 2018 that his contract had not been renewed and he would no longer be a part of the show.

BBC bosses and the Strictly judges were reportedly fuming after Brendan ignored a briefing and asked the Duchess of Cornwall to appear on a Christmas special of the show.

Craig was said to be angry at the time that Brendan had taken it upon himself to pose the question.

A source told The Sun: “It was the last straw, they saw he couldn’t be controlled.”

Brendan was partnered with Good Morning Britain presenter Charlotte Hawkins in 2017 the year before he left, and he later revealed that he was devastated his contract hadn’t been renewed.

During a morning interview on Lorraine, he said: “The BBC has made an editorial decision to not have me back on the show. 

“I’m a little bit in shock. I’m quite emotional, a bit raw about it.”

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