Campbells has new candles that smell like chicken and tomato soup

If you are a candle lover who loves the smell of soup then you are in luck. Campbell’s soup is partnering with retailer CAMP to create limited edition candles that mimic the scents of chicken noodle soup and tomato soup with grilled cheese. Ten percent of the net sales of these candles will be donated to Feeding America. You can buy the candles now on CAMP’s website or in CAMP stores in New Jersey, Dallas, New York and Connecticut. Below are a few more details from People:

The Chicken Noodle Soup flavor features notes of savory chicken, clove, and buttery crackers. Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese, meanwhile, features notes of roasted tomato, peppercorn, and gooey grilled cheese.

Both candles are also in containers designed after Campbell’s stackable snowman soup cans, which made their debut in 2020 and are modeled after the brand’s “Snowbuddy” snowman commercial. In fact, a Snowbuddy keepsake will be revealed as the candle burns, as “a memento for families to cherish their newly made winter memories.”

Along with the two candles, Campbell’s and CAMP are embracing the season of giving in two different ways.

For one, 10 percent of net proceeds from total candle sales will be donated to help benefit Feeding America.

[From People]

I love when my home smells like tomato basil soup or fresh baked breads and desserts, so I am definitely interested in the tomato and grilled cheese-scented candle. I also like that ten percent of purchases go to supporting Feeding America. I collect several different candle scents each season and I am hoping the tomato and grilled cheese candle smells good and will be available every year. I am not too keen on the chicken noodle soup scent but I know people who’d love that. This release is timely because of the snow storms we have been getting across the U.S. which are forcing many to nest at home. And what better way to feel cozy then to burn candles that smell like your favorite food? I am here for it, but I wonder if burning tomato or chicken noodle soup-scented candles will keep me in a perpetual state of hunger. I like that the candles come in a special edition container too. I wonder if Campbell’s will release more scents in the future.

Note by Celebitchy: This is not a sponsored post we just thought it was cute. The $24 price point seems high, although I know that’s typical for candles. Surely they could price them at half that and still make a profit.

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