Britney Spears' Alleged Fight With Housekeeper Is All Jamie Spears' Fault??

It turns out there was a lot behind the alleged battery incident at Britney Spears‘ home — and some of it was possibly Jamie Spears‘ doing!

As we previously reported, the star is being investigated after one of her longtime housekeepers claimed that Britney slapped her phone out of her hands during an argument about the singer’s dogs! Spears’ team was quick to slam the “battery” accusations, sharing there was “no striking and obviously no injury whatsoever.”

While it’s unclear who is in the wrong here, we are hearing about the details behind this dispute. TMZ sources say it all began a couple of weeks ago when one of the 39-year-old’s dogs fell ill. Her dog sitter took the pup, as well as Brit’s other dog, to the vet — but never returned them home. Instead, the dog sitter allegedly decided to keep them both, believing they were being neglected by the A-lister!!

Obviously that wasn’t going to go over well!

On August 10, Britney phoned the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department to report her dogs had been stolen, but when officers arrived at her home, she sent them away as she changed her mind about filing the theft. Now this is where we get to dad Jamie…

The pop star, who is still without her pets, confronted her housekeeper on Monday to find out what had happened with her dogs and where they might be. TMZ sources say the longtime employee shared concern over the pups being neglected, showing her pictures on her phone of one of the dogs after having thrown up.

At this point, Britney began to suspect the photos had also been sent to her father, who then instructed the dog sitter to have them removed. Mind you, the housekeeper is actually employed and paid by Jamie, so it’s not hard to believe they’d be in communication! FWIW, insiders claim the controversial poppa is “totally in the dark on what goes on in her home. He’s been shut out.”

We find that highly doubtful, but let’s continue…

The outlet claimed the Toxic singer became “extremely upset,” telling her housekeeper she’s not allowed to take photos inside her home. Here’s where things become a little less clear. If you believe Britney, she only hit the phone, knocking it out of her housekeeper’s hands. But according to the housekeeper, the star allegedly struck her arm, which then caused her to drop the phone.

That’s what the Sheriff’s Department is investigating before a file gets sent to the D.A. for a possible misdemeanor battery charge — something Brit’s team believes will never happen.

As for the two dogs in the middle of all this, Spears is hopeful they’ll be returned to her soon. Thoughts, Perezcious readers??

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