Billie Eilish Started Her Hair Dying Process Weeks Before Debuting New Look

Billie Eilish recently revealed that she was wearing a wig for weeks to hide her newly-dyed blonde hair and now she’s explaining why.

The 19-year-old singer answered fan questions during a Q&A session on Saturday (April 3) and multiple questions were about her hair.

“Does your hair feel damaged or healthy after the bleaching process?” one fan asked. Billie responded, “Honestly so healthy and I wasn’t expecting that at all. It’s actually healthier than it’s been in a longggggggg time.”

Another fan asked Billie why she hid the blonde hair. If you didn’t know, she recently revealed that she wore a wig for weeks, including at the Grammys, before debuting the blonde locks.

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“‘Cause it took six weeks to accomplish,” Billie explained. She then shared a photo from the first round of dying her hair, which you can see below.

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