Bhad Bhabie Sparks Concern as She Laments Cyberbullying That Drives People to Suicide

The ‘Gucci Flip Flops’ raptress seems to be having a hard time dealing with Internet trolls who criticize her over her hair and tattoo among other things, writing, ‘y’all only gonna be happy when I kill myself.’

AceShowbiz -Bhad Bhabie a.k.a. Danielle Bregoli has posted an alarming message on Instagram Stories after apparently facing a lot of social media backlash. The 16-year-old rapper wrote on Friday, March 6 in a now-deleted post, “y’all only gonna be happy when I kill myself on god like y’all hate me so bad for whats the reason what did I personally do to any of y’all!!!”

“Y’all hate me for standing up and defending myself y’all hate me[.] If I get a tan y’all hate me if my hair is curly y’all hate me if I get a tattoo y’all hate me ifI breathe!! Y’all never give me a f**king break,” she continued. Blaming this kind of cyberbullying for recent cases of suicide, she said, “This s**t is stupid asf I see why ppl kill them selfs over internet hate.”

Bhabie’s post has left many people concerned about her well-being. “this her 3rd time mentioning suicide from what i’ve seen. somebody needa reach out,” one responded to her message. Another told the critics, “Leave the little girl alone!!! She’s 16 years old and grown men and women really troll her and then act like it’s acceptable. She’s a CHILD her antics should even be posted here to be honest she’s too young for that level of backlash.”

But instead of showing their sympathy, some people have further trolled the rapper. “Please stop using suicide to guilt trip people. This little girl knows exactly what she does. You’re not a victim,” one wrote. Another commented, “she so grown right? she can just log off? and live her ‘rich’ life.”

Another person suggested that Bhabie brought herself into this kind of situation, “Ppl put themselves in storms and cry that it’s raining.” Someone else thinks the “Bestie” raptress is not a victim her, arguing, “But didn’t she threaten Skai Jackson‘s life not to long ago.”

Hitting back at those haters, one wrote, “Whew all of the adults shaming this kid in the comments are sad. I hope your kid never feels this way because nonneeeee of you people would know what to do. I hope she’s in therapy and I hope she finds peace.”

Another came to Bhabie’s defense, “I’m praying for her, despite how crazy or BIG she ‘acts’ she is still HUMAN y’all pretty much still a child, damnnnnn. Pray for her to be better rather than adding to the negativity, duuuhhhhhh.”

Bhabie’s alarming post comes hours after she shared on her Instagram account a photo of her new huge arm tattoo. Not impressed with her ink that features the face of an unknown woman, people took to the comment section to write things like, “Why just why. Your 16 your going to regret those so much. Don’t be a follower. Be a leader,” “Is that supposed to be you ? Looks nothing like you” and “How do ppl have so much money and still get tattoos that look like this.”

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