Betty White and Joan Rivers roasting each other in 1983 interview goes viral

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An interview from the ’80s between Betty White and Joan Rivers is going viral.

A hilarious clip of White being interviewed by Rivers on “The Tonight Show” in 1983 resurfaced this week following the “Golden Girls” star’s New Year’s Eve death and there’s no shortage of jokes between the two funny women.

At the time, Rivers, who died in 2014 at the age of 81, was filling in for host Johnny Carson when White appeared as a guest. In the television interview, Rivers quickly calls attention to a recent People magazine cover story she graced, prodding White with the hard-hitting question, “Just a little jealous are you of the old cover?”

“You would think you were the only cover girl in town. Did you know that I’m a cover girl?” White replied. 

“I’m surprised, but probably yes,” Rivers quipped. White then pulled out Kennel Review magazine cover of her own featuring her posing next to a dog.

Pictured: (l-r) Actress Betty White during an interview with guest host Joan Rivers on January 27, 1986.
(Paul Drinkwater/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images)

“And if you dare say, ‘Who’s that other b—- on the cover?’ I will never speak to you again for as long as I live,” White cracked, adding,”I am the one in the pink jacket.”

However, Rivers, ever the fashionista, kept the momentum going when she critiqued White’s outfit. “I asked you to come on tonight and look glamorous and look what you showed up in,” she said. 

“I like to think understated is a lot classier than all this other stuff hanging out all over, well it’s just ridiculous. The little tassels on everything. Can you get them all going in opposite directions?” White said.

Television icon Betty White, known for "Golden Girls" and "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," died on New Year’s Eve 2021 at age 99, just weeks shy of her 100th birthday.  

Rivers turned her attention back to their respective magazine covers, adding that White’s cover was not featured on “a major publication.” The dog lover said, “If you have dogs I tell you that’s a very major publication.”

Rivers assured White it’s a “good start” for her career. 

The roasting didn’t end there. White said she’s in “good company” unlike Rivers who was on the cover herself.

“It’s funny because people wanted me topless but I said no,” Rivers said. 

“Weren’t you? It’s so hard to tell,” White cracked.

“Oh, I bet you’d be funny on a date if you ever had one,” Rivers told White. 

This 1983 interview of Betty White and Joan Rivers on "The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson" is going viral after the "Golden Girls" star’s death. 
(Joseph Del Valle/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images)

“Listen, I don’t find the G-spot hard to find at all, it’s a cinch. Any guy that touches me I say, ‘Oh gee,'” she replied, causing the audience to roar with laughter.

Fans on Twitter praised the pair for being a dynamic duo on screen. “Betty White & Joan Rivers roasting each other- THIS is how you do it! It’s funny, they’re both having fun, & they have a lot of respect for each other. Legends,” one person tweeted.

Pictured: (l-r) Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Betty White, Ana Gasteyer, Will Forte on "Saturday Night Live."
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Another user wrote: “So much fun to see Betty White going back and forth with Joan Rivers!”

Others called the interview “absolutely hilarious.”

White and Rivers would go on to star in “Hot In Cleveland” together when Rivers had a cameo as the sister of White’s character.

White, known for “Golden Girls” and “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” died on New Year’s Eve 2021 at age 99, just weeks shy of her 100th birthday.  

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