Bernie Sanders Reacts To Becoming A Meme During Inauguration Day

Bernie Sanders went viral on social media today after showing up to the 2021 Presidential Inauguration with a thermal coat and knitted mittens to keep warm from the cool weather.

The casual ensemble was noted by lots of Twitter users and the 79-year-old Senator from Vermont quickly became a meme.

“Shout out to Bernie Sanders showing up to the inauguration as if he’s headed to the UPS store and picking up some coffee in Burlington,” wrote one fan on Twitter about the look.

After his appearance at President Joe Biden‘s ceremony, Bernie chatted with CBS News and reacted to becoming a meme.

“In Vermont, we know something about the cold and we’re not so considered about good fashion. We want to keep warm,” he chuckled about the situation. “And that’s what I did today.”

Bernie is still trending on Twitter, as users have been sharing more and more memes and have even sketched the Senator into a cartoon.

Stay tuned for all the coverage from tonight’s Celebrating America event, and check out the lineup here!

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