Ben Shephard goes to extreme lengths to stop looking tired

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Ben Shephard, 48, has lifted the lid on how he manages to look great every day on Good Morning Britain despite his incredibly strenuous schedule. The presenter confessed he endures intense gym workouts to remain in top shape for his various TV gigs.

Ben sat down for a chat with Gabby Logan on the MidPoint podcast, as the pair unveiled Ben’s secret to maintaining his youth.

Discussing the importance of looking young in the entertainment industry, Ben said he is aware he is “looking a lot more tired” lately.

He said: “I’m very conscious. I’m looking a lot more tired than I used to because of early mornings and stuff, and that catches up with you for sure.

“The great thing about wearing glasses is that you can’t see the bags under my eyes.

“So, I’m aware of it and I train hard and I work hard, but I work hard and train hard to feel physically fit and mentally fit, I think.

“And they are the things that I try and stay on top of because they are the things that I can control.”

Asked about the “extreme” things he does to keep in shape, Ben explained: “Well, I still train quite hard in the gym.

“Ninja Warrior’s on at the minute and whenever I come away from filming Ninja, I’m massively reinspired by the ninjas and want to become a ninja.”

Ben has been outspoken about his physical woes, having previously confessed he is “falling apart”.

The star looked back on previous catastrophic injuries, which have sparked fears he may never be back to his old self again.

Earlier this year, he insisted that parts of him are “falling off” as he desperately attempts to regain his former fitness after knee surgery back in 2021.

“As I’m getting older and bits of me are falling off and falling apart badly, I realised that trying to preserve my joints and my shoulders and my back is really huge,” he grimaced.

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The TV star, who is also famous for his appearances on Tipping Point, has always excelled physically in the past, having run a huge total of 14 marathons.

However, a tense match in the cup final for his veteran team Arthur Dunn had left him in agony with one of his legs becoming injured in three places.

“We won the Cup Final, but I started with two legs and ended with one,” he explained at the time to GMB co-host Susanna Reid, after being forced to limp around with a leg brace.

The star has since admitted on a recent episode of the That Gaby Roslin podcast that he fears he will never reach 100 per cent fitness again.

He added: “Because your body’s been through so much physical trauma, learning to do something again [is a struggle].

“Even when I first had my knee op done, even learning to put full weight on it or to jump off a small step, it’s remarkable what the brain does.”

Explaining his postoperative nerves, he mused: “You’re reticent to let yourself go for things”, while Gaby chimed in that his fear was his mind’s way of getting “protection”.

Ben also lamented that as he advances in age, he has “things to worry about, like kids”.

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